Hubs: Backup, Restore, Migrate from Hub to Hub

As I fold in more Devices, Systems, and Routines, I am becoming increasingly nervous about failures in equipment and the process by which to get things back up & running! I suppose if you have 3 or 4 devices and a handful of Routines/Scenes, it’s not that big of a deal. However, when you’re approaching multiples of 10’s and various/finely-tuned Routines/Scenes, it would be a huge burden!

It would be nice to be able to periodically back up our Hubs, SmartThings App, Scenes, and Routines and have a method by which to Restore.

At one point, SmartThings had a Migration Tool, to go from v2 to v3 Hubs (see screenshots in this post made by @Automated_House).

But sadly, as indicated in this post by @JDRoberts, and ultimately on Aeotec’s Web Site, they abandoned it altogether in the transition from IDE to Edge Drivers:

“Migrate from SmartThings V2 or V3: With the change from Groovy to Edge drivers, the migration tool no longer works. You must factory reset or unpair each device and pair them.”

To Which I Pose These Questions:

  1. Are there any Developers working on some method of Backup, Restore, and Migrate?
  2. Is there any way (as a community) to get the attention of both SmartThings and Aeotec to implement? They both of course want us to use their products, but without a reliable Backup/Restore System, we are left dangling on the edge of a system failure and hours (days) of getting back up and running.

The best way to get their attention for something like this, particularly since competing platforms do have backup options, is to post the question in a friendly way on one of the marketing channels, like Facebook or Twitter. Just ask if they’re going to add a backup/restore utility like a named competitor has. At least, marketing staff will read it, and that sometimes moves things.

But my own guess (purely a guess) is that they can’t do this because of the fact that they can, and do change the cloud platform without notice. And smartthings is still largely a cloud-based system, even in the world of edge drivers.

Here’s the official schematic for the new architecture:

Otherwise, you could end up restoring your hub to a version that was incompatible with the most current cloud, and everything would stop working and support would have no way to help you other than having you mail in your hub, and we all know how popular that would be. :rage:

So that’s my guess. Because people have been asking for backup/restore since at least 2014 and it just hasn’t happened.


Thanks @JDRoberts !

As always, helpful and informative !

Wow… that diagram says a lot !!!

I think this statement is very compelling if SmartThings wants Users to stick with them:

I will take your recommendation below and run with it… hopefully more SmartThings Community Members will do the same !

SmartThings has many good things going for it!!! I’d hate to start from Step One after a System Failure, or moving to another platform in advance of a System Failure, because of the lack of a good Backup/Restore Function !