Hub as secondary controller on Leviton Vizia RF+ (zwave) network

Trying to add the hub to a Leviton Vizia RF+ network. I can add our USB installer tool to the ST hub, but not vice versa. I go through the inclusion procedure and tell the hub to join but it always fails.

SmartThings can be used as a secondary Z wave controller, but it doesn’t support controller replicate or some of the other controller level commands that are not part of the basic set.

So you have to use the SmartThings provided utility to add it to another network:

The resulting join is somewhat primitive. You may have to rename all the devices. And I believe that it won’t pick up any new devices added by the primary controller after its join, you have to take it off the network and then add it back again to get those.

Because being added as a secondary controller is an official feature, you could ask support for help, but make sure you direct them to the knowledgebase article I’ve linked to above as quite a few of the support staff seem to be unfamiliar with this process since it’s not very common. They may need to find you a specialist.