Multiple Hub Z-Wave Networks

Has anyone succeeded in incorporating an ST hub into another Z-Wave network. I need to be able to demonstrate control systems besides just ST and was trying to get it to join with a URC ZW2 hub which is essentially a VERA Light. But when I could get them to talk, they both refused to accept devices for inclusion.

The ST showed 2 other hubs when there was only one (maybe it saw itself).

I don’t really think it matters if the ST is master or slave but it makes no provision for becoming master and, as a slave it doesn’t try to join for more than a few seconds - not long enough to be recognized as a UPnP device.

Any help would be appreciated.

Quite a few people have done this in the past, just search the forums for “secondary controller” Zwave.

That said, support recently added a note to the official knowledge base saying that adding the SmartThings hub as a secondary was “strongly discouraged,” which seems a little weird but there you are.

So I’m not sure what, if anything has changed, since as I mentioned there have been people in the past both with the SmartThings as a primary and as a secondary.

That said, it was never very satisfying because smartthings does not support controller shift and doesn’t check for updates the way an Aeon USB stick does, so you never get a really clean implementation as the status is continually get out of sync between a primary and a secondary. And if you add any new devices, you often had to redo the entire controller add.

But it’s a certified Z wave controller, you should be able to add it as a secondary. I think they may be discouraging it because they don’t want to provide support for it in that set up.

Also, only the zwave networks can be combined in this way, there’s nothing you can do about zigbee or other integrations. Which may have been part of what support got tired of explaining. :wink:

All of that said, that UPnP is not part of the Z wave standard. Vera does support it, but that was a decision by that company. The SmartThings implementation is limited. And it has nothing to do with being a Z wave secondary controller. So while you should be able to add smart things as a secondary to a vera, you’re not going to get UPNP integration that way. You have to set up a separate integration.

See the following thread: The folks there should be able to help if you want more information On going that route.

Thanks. for demo purposes I’m willing to force a sync but obviously that isn’t acceptable for an installation on a customer site.

Also, I don’t have a problem with it being the primary but I couldn’t get that working either. You are right about UPnP of course and I kind was hoping for a little luck there. I can do a copy from primary or controller shift on the Vera side but I don’t see any way to get the ST to look for it.

I’ll check out your suggestion (Both posts). If there is anyway to get the ST to accept a transfer I would be willing to look into that also.

Thanks very much.

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