How to update Z-Wave Secondary Controller

Hi All,

I have an extensive Z-Wave setup and I’m trying to switch it over to SmartThings. So here’s what I did:

  1. Added four Leviton Wall Switches to Smart Things. I’m able to control the lights from Smart Things

  2. Added a Leviton in-wall four button scene controller.

  3. Add my Leviton USB Z-Wave controller by putting it in join mode in Vizia RF+ and in Smart Things via Connect Device - Connect Now.

  4. My USB key can now control all the lights. And I program the association between the scene controller and the lights. Great

But when I added another light to SmartThings it doesn’t appear in Vizia RF+, I can’t work out how to get SmartThings to up date the USB key…

Any advice is appreciated.


I’m not familiar with Leviton’s solution, but do they have an option to “Receive Network Updates”?. I had an Aeon Z-Stick as a secondary and when I added a device with SmartThings, I had to request network updates. SmartThings would send the changes over to the Secondary Controller rather quickly.

Also, if you have a 2nd gen hub like mine, then the above might not be possible. Check in the IDE that your HUB has a SUCID of 1. If it is 0, then you will have to wait for SmartThings to fix it before you can do the above.

See the following thread:

Oh so when I choose that option I don’t also need to do a Send Network Updates from Primary Controller (SmartThings in this case)?

I never had to. 20 characters