Hub Armed goes offline when sensors trigger

I don´t know what is happening.

When the hub is Armed(Away) and Armed (Stay) and any sensors trigger the hub goes offline and I need to desconected and plug in back again to restored. I don’t know if the problem is the smar app-smart home monitor security. I reset to factory and still have the same problem. But if the hub is Disarmed all the sensors works correct when sensor trigger starts scenes, lights, cameras, etc.

Previously all the sensors and hub was working correct in any state. Now I cant use it like alarm.

Help is greatly appreciated. Greetings.

Your first stop might be SmartThings Support. Perhaps other users here on the forum may have experience solving this issue, as well…

Thank you very much, in fact yesterday I generated the request.

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Updating the information of the response of SmartThings Support:

"Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out to SmartThings support and sorry for the trouble!

This is an issue of our engineers have identified and are currently in the process of generating a fix. It has to do with a bug with the FortrezZ Siren Strobe Alarm in your SmartThings network causing the Hub to crash and go offline.

I did go ahead and link your account with the issue so that you will be notified once a fix is release!

With that being said; I did tweak some settings on my end to try a potential workaround so can you go ahead and test it again now and let me know if your Hub continues to go offline?

Let me know how that works out!

Regards, "

I did yesterday the test but doesn’t work, I removed the FortrezZ Siren Strobe Alarm from the hub to get notifications.


Firmware update coming to correct this for everyone…