Hub Disconnect Message

If my hub goes offline I get a push message. That is what should happen. This has always been a message telling me the hub is offline and another one when the hub comes back online.

Now all of a sudden if the hub goes offline the message says Alarm Armed. And when it comes back online it says Alarm Disarmed. When this first happened there was panic in the house as trying to figure out why the alarm armed itself.

I did some testing by disconnecting the hub and the same result.

Any ideas as to why the message would have changed to something not correct? Makes it hard to figure out what is going on.

Have you setup the security function of smart home monitor? Or do you use the smartapp smart alarm? Please explain more about what, if any, alarms you’ve ever setup in ST.

Yes SHM is setup. I also have notifications when alarm is armed, disarmed, etc.

But, I shouldn’t be getting those messages when the hub goes offline. I never did before. I always got hub disconnected and hub connected messages, which were correct.