Hub Firmware Release Notes - 22.14



Hub Target

Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2)

Release Date

Thursday, July 26 (subject to change)

Release Notes

This is a small release fixing a few bugs found in the 0.22.13 release. It will be going to a small number of users who are the most affected on Friday, July 20. We will roll the release out to everyone else at a later date (targeting July 26). The changes are as follows:

  • Fix hub reboots caused by local SmartAlert Sirens
  • Fix Zigbee Siren reporting incorrect state (off when on and vice versa)

ok cool thanks:)

Just wonder , will be ever fixed the Skybell integration - SkyBell detects motion but Smartthings does nothing. SkyBell support blames ST firmware update broke the integration, and a fix must be completed on ST side, they communicated the fix code 6 months ago, no results.


All good but please fix the harmony turn on problem. Ever since the last update the harmony app and remote can no longer turn on ge/Jasco switches.


Same issue here with the harmony remote. Instead of turning the lights off, its dimmed to it’s lowest setting. Press the increase brightness button a few times after you turn the lights on for a work around.


Personally, I think it would be nice if any of these updates would fix the frequent and constantly changing list of my devices that are “unavailable” according to ST app however can be still turned off or on when forcing the app to do so - automation recipes don’t work however reliable when these devices are unavailable.



Very bad for me in the past few weeks. I have resisted posting about it or contacting Support as it won’t achieve anything (typically my system is pretty stable so I don’t want to be told I have mesh problems). Very frustrated lately.


Thanks for the info, Hope this is not out of place, if so let me know were to post, But I really need a local zwave device for color and white bulbs (RGBW Light). There is one for ZigBee but I do not have them. I have a lot of zwave and need basic local execution when Internet goes missing during the huracane season.

It doesn’t make the issue less frustrating but device health is separate from Hub firmware. I also don’t want to inundate customer support but these reports are tracked. Letting support know which device was incorrectly marked “offline” or “unavailable” and when is helpful.


I know Brad and I appreciate you taking the time to reply but it’s exhausting to be honest. The list of devices with issues seems to rotate and usually the first response from Support is not particularly helpful and this takes time to reply with more of the same. My system was good for months and now it’s having many failures. I just know it has to be ‘tweaks’ happening on the back end yet Support usually wants to take me though endless troubleshooting steps that I have already done.

Again, thanks for replying. My whining here is not really achieving anything. Just needed to vent. At some point my issues will probably resolve themselves and no one will know why.

I’m also a tad off topic but I was replying to someone with the same issues. I do agree however that hub firmware is not usually the problem in these cases.


100% mirror these sentiments. My system has been having failures on a daily basis with upto 75% of devices disconnecting or not reporting properly on single occasions. It is indeed painful having threads with support go on for weeks with no notable improvement.

Is anyone else getting a stuttering/flashing affect from commands routed via Alexa and Google? I come home and request lights, and they get into this Flashing state (Like the there are two messages in the queue, but neither are being acknowledged) until I cold reboot the ST Hub.

I agree. This has always prevented reliable use of smartthings as a home controller or a security system. Otherwise it would truly be a great product.

Hey maybe someday you can turn on the Bluetooth stack inside the hub that was falsely promised in advertising and on the box.


Ditto on the Harmony remote issue. I was dreading the last firmware update, because everything in my system was working fine up until that point. All I have in my ST system is a Harmony remote, some GE smart switches & dimmers and some ecobee thermostats.


I’m actively looking for a ,ore reliable replacement hub or controller. Perhaps wink. Anyone have ideas? I’m DONE with ST

Do a search on alternative and you will find several threads on other hubs. :slight_smile:

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i just bought a Skybell 3 days ago and installed. Imagine my sadness when it doesn’t really do anything :frowning:

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But… Wait. It does work. The integration was broken, but they fixed it a few months back. It’s working great now.

I could not get it to trigger my front door light when it detects motion using the Smart Lighting app. I’ll set it up and try it again tonight.