Hub active then disconncted constantly

I have a Netgear R7000 that I upgraded last night. Now to my surprise the Hub V2 goes from active to disconnected constantly. Is anyone else seeing this problem?

Sooo… you did a firmware update in the router, and now the ST hub drops constantly?
Did you physically touch the router at all?

If not, then contact Netgear and let them know.

If you did touch the router, replace your cat6 cable and see if the error goes away. Sometimes network jumper cables get funky; usually it’s the rj45 plug that loses its connectivity.

I contacted Netgear, they suggested I back the update out. I did, everything is back to normal.

All of a sudden I’m having the same issue right now on a r 6700

How did you back tape the firmware upgrade?


I went to the download area of Netgear

Under firmware and software downloads, choose the version you upgraded from (under previous versions)


I am now experiencing this issue. I am wondering if this has to do with QoS settings. I had done a firmware update a couple of days ago, and had not seen this issue. But, I changed my QoS settings yesterday, and now the Smartthings hub toggles from DISCONNECTED to ACTIVE.

Anyone else try to dig into details on this?