Smartthings disconnects ISP or internet

I recently added 4 electric plugs to smartthings, now when I try to control any device from the smartthings app it seems to disconnect the internet from the Netgear Nighthawk AC 1900 router, I’ve power cycled the smartthings device and the Netgear router, any ideas?
While the Internet is disconnected i can ping my internal devices so the modem is not locked up. I’m connected to Comcast/Xfinity service.

The first thing I would do is ensure you are on the latest firmware for the Netgear router, In the past I have had many issues with disconnects from the internet, so bad I had to add a timer plug to the router to reboot it twice a day. Then once they started issuing the security fix firmware’s all those issues went away. If a router reboot fixes your issue for a couple of hours, that is probably the issue.

Can you clarify…

  • are you saying you only see the network connection error in the SmartThings app? (Which, by the way, is a reported issue for some users)
  • or you are losing internet connection from the router for everything on your home network?

What brand/model for the 4 electric plugs?

I do have the latest firmware Netgear offers for Comcast (V1.03.03), apparently they have different versions for different carriers.
Irregardless, the problem did not start till I added four devices and tried to access the Samsung Refrigerator that had been working with Smartthings.

I added three Teckin (SP10) Smart Sockets and one Leviton Switch with Z-Wave (DZ15S), then added a routine for the three Sockets to follow on/off on the Leviton.
The routine works and other lights also work however when I try to access any device in Smartthings to turn them on or off through the app the cable connection goes out but the modem internal network still works.
This had never happened before.

couple of background questions:

are you in the us?

are you using a vpn?

any other dns routing?