Hub v3 constantly disconnecting

Since the last firmware upgrade to 45.11 my hub is laggy, constantly disconnecting from the cloud and reconnecting with the message in the IDE:
Your SmartThings Hub at Mi hogar is now disconnected. Please check your internet connection.

As I can’t get access to the logs I have no idea what is happening.

I tried removing all edge drivers and as many SmartApps as possible but without any success, I tried to contact support but they didn’t provide help and I’m running out of ideas.

My internet connection is stable and the wifi is working without issues.

What I can do to troubleshoot the issue? Any ideas?

Check to see if your hub has a blue flashing light during the period when it is disconnected.
Also, while it is disconnected, go to your router’s DHCP administration and check the IP address of your hub. Is it’s IP address clearly within your local area network’ IP range?
If not, use your router’s DHCP admin to ‘pin’ your hub’s IP address to a valid IP address.
This worked for me (V2 hub) and others (V3 hub) in the past. I have had no disconnections for over a year since doing this.
Just my thoughts.

Thanks for awnsering
Yes, the hub has a blue flashing light during the period when it is disconnected.
My DHCP config looks good and I don’t see any issues, but I going to try assigning a fixed Ip address to the hub just in case.

The hub has been working for years without issues and now without adding new devices stopped working.

When I had my problem (which occurred several times a week) I observed a very spurious IP address not even close to my LAN range and not even in any of the private IP ranges. Very strange but has not recurred since fixing the IP address.

Take a look in your router log. Entries there for your hub may provide clues as to what is happening.

Still the same, I checked my logs in the router, and set a fixed IP but looks like Smartthings is unavailable during that time.

Oh dear. Worth a try though.

I had this issue for several months. How many edge drivers do you have installed?

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Heres a link to another discussion about this

Thanks for the link, I uninstalled all of them except 2.