Tried to Order new Hub

Ordered the new hub. It gave me an option to create a new account when finished. I did. But when I access the site, it says I have no orders pending.

Does your shop work?

Update: I do show a charge on my card, but no email verifying the order, and not showing up on the account.

Hey Shelley.

Please reach out to, and they’ll take a look at your order for you!

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Did you order through the ST shop?

incidentally, I ordered a hub today, it shows up on my account, but didn’t get confirmation email.

Yes, I did. I canceled my pre-order at Amazon, because they gave a delivery date between October and December.

I’m assuming the order has gone through, since I was charged. But sure would be nice to confirm it.

Did you have an account before you ordered? I created the account as part of the end process for the order. Just assumed the order would show up in the account.

Please contact support @ with your order # :smile:

Perfect. Like April said, support will be able to get you squared away :slight_smile: