Missing order from account page

(James Edens) #1

I ordered a hub and some devices six days ago. I understand the hub is on back order. I got a confirmation email saying my order was on back order. I had a charge on my credit card, which was later removed. When I login to the store page and check my order info(as per the email confirmation) it states I have no orders yet. Anyone else have this issue, should I worry my order was deleted? I contacted the shop@smarthings email address given in the confirmation, but still waiting for response.


Did you happen to check out as a guest? If so, the order won’t show up on your account.

If you received the email it’s in our system. The shop/support team should get back to you quickly.


(James Edens) #3

I guess i might have checked out as a guest and created an account as part of the order process. Thanks for the info.

(Vic Singh) #4

Same thing happen to me. I have them resend the confirmation email.

Check your Spam.

(Matt) #5

My account page says I ordered 3 hubs hahaha, I didn’t I ordered 1. My credit card has an authorization of 95 while my account page says total of $303.93 I’ll wait until I get whatever. I don’t want them touching the order.

I tried to order the pre-order bundle and that failed miserably and this one doesn’t seem to be moving.