How to update linked service?

I have Kasa devices installed through linked service that I need to update. I entered linked service but the only option is to unlink. When I open the add device> Kasa I get an option to link my Kasa account? I dont want to mess anything up oradd duplicate devices so I thought I’d ask here. How do I update a linked service?

You rerun add a device by brand. You won’t get duplicates.

There is also as Edge Driver for single gang Kasa devices that makes them to in locally

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two methods:

  • open the linked service. You should see the new device in the list. Simply close - don’t click unlink or edit/delete - just close the window
  • add device > scan (and device should pop up). no need to choose by brand. This method is my preferred.

@Paul_Oliver I reran the add device by brand but the devices and device names didn’t update. I know I can manually change the names but figured there had to be a way to update.