Tp-Link Kasa linked service - change password and can't update password in smartthings

I had to change the password for my TP link kasa account. When I attempt to open TP Link in the ‘linked services’ menu it opens then closes right away - I am unable to enter my changed password via the app.

I’d prefer not to delete then re-add all my automations, etc.

Anyway to do this?

I believe you do not need to update the password. If everything still works, I would not worry about it. I have changed a password on one of my linked services twice (not tp-link kasa) in the past couple of weeks and never had to update it in tHe ST app. It still works fine.

None of my TP Link devices work now - I assumed it was because I changed the password.

Have you tried force quitting the app or signing out/signing in to see if that allows you to open the linked service? Doubt it will help but worth trying.

Thanks but no dice. Just deleted then reauthorized it. Now going to spend an hour or so fixing everything.