SmartThings Lost Connection to Kasa (Feb '24)

Hello - a bit of background prior to my issue. First came Kasa. It worked with no issues. Then came Alexa integration. That worked with Kasa with no issue. Most recently I started with a ST Hub V3. No issues until the other day when ST lost ability to control Kasa devices. I can see them all on the ST phone app. Some show offline, some show online but I cannot control the oneline ones from ST. Kasa still controls all devices, as does Alexa. I’m stumped. Any help would be appreciated!

Unlink the integration if you are using the official Kasa linked service. To Unlink, go to Menu > Settings > Linked Services to remove the Kasa integration. Then go to Add Devices to add Kasa back. If you are using any Routines, you will need to edit them.

sorry about my first post, my phone went wonkers and was changing everything.

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No worries - thank you for the input!

Apologies - just thought of something. You said to unlink the Kasa integration. At what point do I need to relink it, or does it relink itself upon adding the devices?

it relinks when you go to Add Device : Add Partner Device : select TP-Kasa and authenticate with your kasa login.

one or two community members have posted on the same topic in the past few months and removing/adding the Kasa integration was the only way to restore it so that it works. No clue as to the cause. There is one item I know of that does kill the integration → changing your TP-Link Kasa password.

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