Dead Hub can't unpair locks

The power connection in my hub is broken not allowing me to power the hub. I need to unfair some locks so i can use them on another platform while wait for smart things support… any ideas???

Your lock manufacturer should have the instruction manual on how to remove your lock. Try Google it or provide us with a little more info.

Assuming these are Z wave locks, any zwave controller can issue a "general exclude "command and then when you do the unpair on the locks it will remove the previous controller information.

Once that’s done you can then go through the pairing process with the new controller.

This is standard Z wave, nothing to do with smartthings specifically. :sunglasses:

So you just need to look in the instructions for the new controller to see how it issues a general exclude. And you look in the instructions for the lock to see how it registers an exclude.

This is considered a secure protocol because in order to have the lock accept the exclude command, you have to have physical access to the lock already, usually from the interior side.

Thank you! This is the solution to the problem!

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I’ve noticed I definatly need to bring the hub close to the lock to exclude and include.

Unlike a light switch. I can’t just reset my lock if my controller went bad? I need an exclusion from another controller?

depending on the device. For Z wave this is the case. You must “Unenroll” the device before enrolling it in another hub or platform like smart things. My other platform is Nexia.