How to stop notifications?

I just installed this system yesterday (hub + 1 multi-function). At first, it was pretty cool, but now I’m being bombarded with door-open reminders every hour and I can’t stop them. I even removed the sensor and hub from the app and also uninstalled the app software. I’m still getting them. It’s like a zombie that just won’t die

Can someone tell me how to get control of this beast?


it sounds like you set up an app in smart home monitor. click on smart home monitor and hit the red banner. then dismiss the alert.

Some editorializing on my last post:

I did some research before buying this product and it seemed to have the potential I needed. Unfortunately, although I’m still sold on its potential, its operation has been disappointing. Getting it set up and running was a gauntlet of issues that left me at a point where I had it packed in a box ready to return it, but I gave it one more try and got it working. Next was the truly horrible user interface on the SmartThings mobile app as well as the web interface. They’re both very unintuitive and I had a difficult time figuring out something as simple as deleting an extra sensor I installed. This continuous notification thing is almost the last straw…we’ll see.

Overall, the product concept is good but the implementation, especially as embodied in the software, is horrible. Seems like something put together by a bunch of recent hackers with very little focus group or early beta-release testing. As soon as I can get it stabilized and understand its inner workings a little better, I’ll probably move on to a better software platform.

Am I alone in feeling this way?

I don’t even know what Smart Home monitor is at this point, let alone set up an app.

Are you using the classic app or the new app?

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LOL considering his issues this question seems to make things look even worse.


Well I haven’t tried the new app - so I can’t help with it at all.

If he is on the old app I could walk him through seeing if he somehow did set up SHM.

Situations aren’t always what they “seem”.

SmartThings has existed for over 5 years, and has gone through various types of evolution. All major changes went through focus-group evaluations and beta-group test phases.

Some of the lead UI designers were/are recognized as leaders in their fields, including being published authors.

The new iterations involve some of the top platform and UI designers of Samsung, the designer and manufacturer of the top selling Android phones in the world, as well as a market leader in televisions, home appliances, and a few industrial and component products.

And a few million people use SmartThings. While not everyone is “blown away” by the product, it is certainly among the top (actually, probably is the top) product in its class - i.e., DIY multi-protocol, multi-vendor, smart home platform in the sub-$5000 per home price range.

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Hi @joedarock,

No you’re not. You’re using the new app, which is horrible. Go to your phone’s app store and download the SmartThings Classic app. Use that app.

Since I don’t know if you’re an Android or iOS user, disable all notifications for the new app on your phone. That will stop notifications.

Keep us posted on your progress.

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I felt really bad after reading my original post later in the day and I was going to post a retraction. However, the more I use this, the more it’s turning into a love-hate relationship. I love the product and the hardware; the software, not so much. After my original post, I loaded the Classic app and found the notification of an outstanding alarm staring me in the face and glowing to alert me to dismiss it. Very good. I still don’t know where that functionality is in the new app.

The new app has a much spiffier UI, but it’s a bear to find your way through it to get to the functionality you’re looking for. In general, both apps have their usefulness, but I find myself having to use both to get the functionality I’m looking for. In general, I think the developers were pushed too hard on the UI front and not hard enough on the ease-of-use front. It’s just not obvious where things are hidden. I’d be very happy if the main page (pages) were just a long, scrollable list of sensors, parameters, their present value, their alerting value, color coding with present state, checkboxes to set alerting and tapping to clear alerts, etc. I know it’s a little more daunting for some than the slick dummied-down beginner’s GUI, but it’s a lot more efficient for experienced users. 2nd gripe: There’s tons of open space on the pages, most likely because the devs were told to keep it as un-busy and clean as possible. I think they went to far. It would be nice to have some summary status with drill-down capability and some text explanations and tool-tip popups to guide you to where you want to go. Nothing commonly used should ever be more than a couple taps away from the home page.

I could go on, but I hope I made the point. I know you product-manager and dev types could go on and on with good defense of why it is the way it is, but it will still be a product that’s nice to look at but hard to use. I like the functionality and generality of this system and I’d like to hear that improvements are at hand soon.