How to remove Multiple Smart Home Monitor from Dashboard or Solutions

I’ve just installed SmartSense Motions Sensors and Multi Sensors. And each time I install a new Things, it suggest to install a new app Smart Home Monitor. Now I have multiple Smart Home Monitor App on my dashboard and Solutions (when checking it on API).

Is there anyway to remove them? I’ve tried for hours and read this community for no luck.




Got the same thing going on. Any ideas how to resolve it and to further prevent this from happening.

Wish I could add something more productive than “add me to the list of those experiencing this same issue.” And also no luck finding any info on this here, other than this thread.

I ended up contacting support. Looks like they can remove it from their end but we can’t do it ourselves because there is no option to uninstall

i sent an email regarding the issue. no one responded.

Same issue here…its extremely annoying

Well…I reset my hub and the second smart home monitor went away.

I’m a brand new user and have this same problem. How is it possible that there is no way to delete these within the app? How was it handled previously?

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If you reset the hub does it delete all your things/apps/routines as well?

As drewbagel423 said, did you lose all of your apps, routines and such? Or do you mean just power cycling your hub?

Yeah, everything gets deleted. You have to set everything up from scratch. The only reason I did it is because I only set up a few sensors…low and behold, as soon as I reset it, support emailed me back asking which smart home monitor to delete…sigh

Same here after adding the Samsung multi-sensor yesterday…it would suck having to contact Support to remove duplicate apps or resetting the hub each time you add a security device.

Support in my experience have been slow to respond to my concerns.

looks like everyone is having the same issue. I did the same thing

I emailed support shortly after posting in this thread and support responded within 24 hours and deleted the extra SHM from my dashboard for me.

Hate to do the “yeah, me too” thing but I’m hoping that they realize its a problem and fix it.

Me too :frowning: Support here I come…

Same issue got smartthings for Christmas, have 4 duplicate items in mine. Guess I’ll reset the hub… This is a significant oversight.

Support analyst said that Dev team has access to this thread and aware of it.

Finger crossed it will be fixed asap

Go to and log in. You should see your Smart Home Monitor apps listed. Click on each and then the delete button at the bottom of the window.


Perfect! Thanks for posting this solution!