How to setup Sage 206611 Zigbee smart switch cover?

I bought a few of these (Sage Single Gang Light Switch 206611 New Sealed White, zigbee 2mqtt smart 753960014173 | eBay) assuming it would work with Smartthings because its zigbee but since I am very new to this I now realize I may have been wrong?

I can scan for the device and smartthings will find it then add it to my devices. It says its offline in the app at first but if I go to IDE it says “online” and when I edit the device it is listed as a 2015 samsung smart tv. I have changed it to a “zigbee switch” so that the app can see the device as online, but now I’m lost about how to make the switch actually turn a light on/off

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I don’t have one of these and I can’t find the full specs, but it may technically be a “button,” not a “switch.” Hopefully someone who has one will know for sure. But we can try it as a switch first.

@johnconstantelo may have seen one, he uses a lot of Zigbee.

The good news is there do seem to be some people using them with SmartThings. And all they do is on/off, so a generic DTH/driver should work. I don’t see any indication that people are getting battery level reports.

In any case, first let’s make sure you know how these work.

This fits over an existing dumb switch and doesn’t control that switch at all. So most people leave the dumb switch underneath in the power on position and put smart bulbs in the fixture/lamp controlled by that dumb switch.

When the sage device is pressed, it does one thing and one thing only: send a message to the hub saying “I was pressed.” Seriously, that’s it. It does NOT control the dumb switch underneath. It does not control smart bulbs directly. It just sends the hub a message.

So….you have to create a routine so that if the switch is pressed, the hub gets the message and then the hub tells some other smart device connected to your SmartThings account to do something. Without a routine, nothing will happen.

If the Sage device IS a “switch,” then it will have on and off states, which would be good.

Since you already assigned it to a switch DTH, when you press the switch on the wall does the state change in the app? If yes, you’re all set: just use it in a routine.

If not, you probably need a different DTH. :thinking:

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Hi @BFE that’s not really a “switch” but more like a button controller, but it could still work with the DTH you selected. JD’s reply is spot on.

Did you install it like this?


You were correct, it is a button and not a switch. I knew it wouldn’t connect to the actual switch, that is the main reason I chose a device like this one. Some of the rooms in the house im renting dont have any hardwired lighting… So I have lights plugged into a smart outlet, the only issue with that was I HAD to use my phone to turn lights on/off.

Anyways, once I changed the type to zigbee button I was able to assign an action to it and have it control the lights. And there are no battery level reports but thats not the end of the world to me, if it stops working I will just change the battery and hope that was the issue.

Thank you!