Zigbee lightbulb with a z-wave switch?

I have a table lamp with a GE Link Bulb in it. The GE Link Bulb is a zigbee device. I have a dimmer switch on the wall next to it. It is a z-wave device. I wish to use the wall switch to turn the Link light bulb on and off. How do I do this using Smartthings without using IFTTT and without using “big switch”?

Why don’t you want to use “big switch”? You’ll need a SmartApp of some sort to “listen” for events from your zwave dimmer and send commands to the GE Link. I’d recommend the “Dim with Me” app so it can mirror the dim levels.

Installed “dim with me” and nothing happens.

Got it to work. However, it is half as fast as IFTTT. I was looking for a direct way to do this using the hub, not the web.

The current (v1) SmartThings hub has both a zigbee antenna and a zwave antenna, so can talk to both sets of devices. But it does almost no local processing–everything gets sent to the ST cloud and back.

You can directly associate some zwave switches with some zwave devices (depending on specific model, nothing to do with SmartThings), and then you get local control that way. But that doesn’t work if one of them is zigbee.

It’s already been announced that the V2 SmartThings hub will do more local processing. I would think Big Switch would be run locally, for example, although we haven’t gotten any details yet.

The other challenge you’re likely to run into is that unless your Z-Wave switch supports instant status there is going to be a not-insignificant delay between pressing the button and the action being detected by ST.