How to Exclude 1st Gen ST Motion and MultiSensors

I’m rebuilding my ST network after having ST v1 for years, and having v2 sit in the box, I finally decided to rebuild the network. I’ve been able to exclude and re-add all of my switches and outlets, and most of my Zwave motion & open/close sensors have been fine. I’ve also been able to re-add 2015 version of ST motion sensors.

I can’t figure out how to get the original ST multi sensors and original ST motion sensors to get excluded from the old hub, and added to the new hub.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

I’ve figured out the 1st gen motion sensors, if you hold the connect button for 5 seconds, it seems to reset and allows them to join. I haven’t had any luck w/ the 1st generation multi-sensors, I don’t think I excluded them from the 1st hub, but I should be able to reset and put them in inclusion mode but i’m not sure how.

They are zigbee correct? does anyone know?

Well, I was able to get 1 of my 1st gen motion sensors to connect, no luck w/ the others. I’ve brought them both back to within 5 feet of my hub. Anyone with ideas?

Those are zigbee devices, and zigbee devices don’t have to be excluded. You just do a reset on each individual device following the manufacturer’s instructions. :sunglasses:

Figure out which model you have been the following page, and follow the link to its user manual for the connection instructions.

Yeah, I went through the steps on each and was finally able to get them. I was pretty sure they didn’t need to be excluded because they were zigbee, but the steps did not work the first few times. I just don’t understand what was going on. Thanks, I was able to finally get them to connect to the new hub.


maybe it’s just as bad as it appears.

Thanks for posting - I have not moved off hub v1 yet.

@ero4444 Yeah, just in case you were wondering, I’ve had v1 hub for over 4 years now, and I got the v2 hub when it first came out, and I even got the deal with upgrading. I’ve been waiting for a migration program that ST has said they would eventually do for the 1st year or two then they decided not to.

I had about 180 devices, and I had paired it down to about 130 before the upgrade, and I had a ton of 3rd party integrations and a ton of different custom smart apps that i’ve written or were part of the community.

It took me about 2 hours of planning, backing up all the smart apps, and getting manuals for reseting different zwave,zigbee devices, and then it took me about 12 hours to get everything unpaired and deleted from the v1 hub, and reconnected to the v2 hub, and set up a FEW of the basic motion activated connected to the lights. I have my setup back and functioning, and a good chunk of the smart apps re-setup, or moved to non custom because they now support some of the functions that used to be non standard.

It was a VERY painful process because I had to make sure no one was using devices when i was putting the hub in General Exclusion mode, so it was just a long process. My mesh is much cleaner, and I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of devices and smart apps i’m not using but damn it sucked.