How to Reset Enbrighten Zwave plus smart switch outlet (smart outlet)?

Installed new SmartThings hub (v3) and have to Re sync devices. First device is enbrighten z-wave plus in-wall tp smart outlet. Trying to reprogram ? Any input?

I’m not sure if the instructions are the same for all model numbers in that line, so you should check the manual if this method doesn’t work.

Normally with a zwave device you would exclude before adding to a new hub. However, some of the newer device allow you to reset the device with just a tap pattern.

For the Enbrighten 55256 (Jasco model ZW1002):

To return to factory defaults
Press the button three times, then press and hold the button for at least three seconds. The LED will blink five times to confirm.

After that you can add it to the new hub.

Again, though, other models may have other instructions.