Unable to connect Z-Wave Plus Toggle Switch

Hi, I have the hub STH-ETH-250, about a week or so back it kept going offline and coming back online and finally the app could not see it anymore. I took the batteries out and restarted it, after which I was able to add the hub back to the app but it forgot all the devices. Now I am following the instructions to add the Z-Wave Plus toggle switch and dimmer back but the hub is unable to find it. I even took the hub within 10 feet just to be sure but no luck… I even tried the reset, 3 times up and 3 times down, then tried connecting it again by pressing and releasing the toggle up once, but no luck… any idea what’s going on? Anyone else had this problem?
One device it found by default is my Samsung TV, I am able to control it, no issues, so the hub seems to be working…
Any help is appreciated, TIA

What is the brand of the switch?

GE Z-wave plus Toggle Switch and Toggle Dimmer

I have that same one and no issues. I did find once when updating my hub that I had to reset that switch by pulling on the tab on the face plate. Have you tried that?

No, but I am not sure what you are referring to as the tab… can you please explain? Maybe point to the manual/diagram? TIA

perform a general device exclusion on the device…

Circled in red is that reset button/tab. Pull out till clicks and wait 15 seconds, then click your heals together 3 times and push back in.