Pairing Enbrighten/Jasco Zwave Outdoor Smart Switch (ZW4203)

I’m looking for some advice on how to pair an Enbrighten Outdoor Smart Switch (ZW4203) with my SmartThings hub.

The hub is wired to my home network with an ethernet cable (not wifi) and is running firmware version 000.039.00006. I currently have 4 other devices connected to this hub (two Sengled bulbs and one SmartThings outlet using Zigbee and one Aoetec WallMote Quad using Z-wave), so I’m fairly sure that the hub itself is working properly.

I originally attempted to add the device by scanning the QR code on the back of the device using the SmartThings app on my Pixel 5A running Android 12. The app apparently found something (?) and then hung to the point where it was completely unresponsive. I eventually force-stopped it after about 20 minutes.

After restarting the app, I have attempted to scan the QR code again, scan nearby, and manually add a generic Z-wave device through the app. I have power-cycled the SmartThings hub. I have followed the instructions to reset the Enbrighten device to factory defaults. I have run Z-wave exclusion from the SmartThings web UI and I see “zw removed device: 00” in the event log. I have run Z-wave repair from the SmartThings web UI. However, no matter what I do, the hub won’t pair with the device.

I’ve read ZW4101 jasco smart plug not pairing with smartthings hub and GE Plug-in Outdoor Smart Switch - Won’t pair through app, which both seem relevant to this device. However, it’s not clear to me how to add a “Z-Wave Switch Generic” device for device id 00, so I haven’t tried that.

Can anyone suggest what I should try next?

I did eventually get this to work. I moved the Enbrighten device to another room further from the hub and my wifi router, but closer to the other Z-wave device on my network (the WallMote switch). I went through the factory reset process and then tried to scan nearby through the app - and magically, this time the device showed up in the list. After choosing the device, I scanned the QR code when prompted, and then the device paired successfully. There was a delay of several minutes (with the app showing a progress indicator) before the pairing completed. I did get some warnings about how the latest security was not supported on this device, but it seems to be working ok now that it is paired.

After force-stopping and re-starting your Smartthings App, go to the Devices section of the app and look for devices that are not assigned to any room. Your device was likely added and will show up there.

I have been having the exact same experience as you. After restarting, I noticed that the device was in fact added and appeared in my Devices list but not assigned to any room. This behavior has been consistent for me for a while now with multiple devices. When the app hangs, and then I force restart it, I’ve learned to always check for the new device. So far the devices are always added and work properly from that point on.

Thanks. Next time I run into this, I will definitely check first for any devices that are not assigned to a room.