After uninstall Smart Home Monitor from IDE, can I reinstall it back?

I am having a huge problem now with Smart Home Monitor. My hub just keeps changing SHM to armed away every one hour. I don’t use location feature from Smartthings. I do have Life360 with webcore but the piston is not involved. I have tried all the possible ways to fix it but I use all the options now. It started this evening. Before it, everything was working fine for more than a year.

I am thinking it’s SHM cloud issue. I may need to uninstall the SHM from IDE and then re-add it back. However, is that possible? If I uninstall SHM from IDE, can I reinstall it back? Or I just need to uninstall the sub item Security under SHM instead?

Thank you very much

Is it possible you have SHM installed in both the Classic and new SmartThings? Are you able to remove SHM from any pistons to test?

But yes, if you remove SHM from the IDE, you can add it back.

Thanks for the reply. I have tried all the possible solutions then I read the log from IDE. I realized there was something weird from NST Manager. It kept sending null to SHM every hour. I didn’t have any issue before yesterday. There was an automation in NST Manager I created a long time ago but doing nothing. Anyway, I removed it and finally my problem was gone.

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Hi Brad, you note that if you have deleted SHM from the IDE you can add it back in? Please can you advise how you do this? I checked GitHub for the raw code but without joy - direction would be appreciated - Thanks Paul

In the Classic app, you can go to the Marketplace --> SmartApps --> Safety & Security --> Smart Home Monitor - Security.

In the new app, you can go to Automations --> Add automation --> SmartThings Home Monitor.

Note that these are different and won’t “sync” so it’s best to choose one or the other.

Hi Brad, Thanks for a swift response… Its the classic app Marketplace --> SmartApps --> Safety & Security --> Smart Home Monitor. I have the Smart home monitor in the automation / smartapps, but in the dashboard there is no card for SHM, and hence no way to change mode via desktop as I deleted the SHM modules in IDE (in a clean up) so IDE does not show the SHM and the app are not aligned. Is there a way to delete the SHM smartapps on the phone app ( no option to “remove” like other smartapps) and reinstall via the method you advise above… got a bit confused here. Other option is to complete a factory reset but would loose all configurations and settings ( eg Nest Manager) which has taken months and external support ( paid) to get working… Thanks again

If you see Smart Home Monitor under Automation / SmartApps, that is the new app’s version of SHM and it is expected that that install will not show a dashboard card in the Classic app.

Did you try reinstalling via the Marketplace?

no option to do so…in safety and Security only… Notify me when / smart locks / enhanced door lock / severe weather alert / ready for rain / pushover notify me when…nothing in more? where would I find the option to re-install?

Didn’t realize you were in the UK or that SHM wasn’t available in the UK marketplace.

I manually re-added SHM for you.

Thanks for you help & support

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Dear Brad,

I m currently in Canada. I had been using the classic app for a few months with the SHM card in the Dashboard. However, after I started using the new ST app, the SHM card in the Dashboard within the Classic app disappears. Could you advise how I can get it back? Thx.

Further, I could only find the new version of SHM in the Automation/SmartApps, and not in the MarketPlace/SmartApps/Safety and Security!

I also am unable to find SHM smart app in the classic version. i accidentally deleted it from IDE when i was trying to delete the SHM DELAY apps. Now I cannot find it in the Classic app to reinstall.
I looked in
Marketplace>Safety & Security, options are notify me, enhanced auto door lock, severe weather alert, pushover notify me when, ready for rain, co2 vent, dry the wet spot.
Also tried
Marketplace>Things Recommended, one option Smart lights
I alos tried looking under Automation>+Smart App