Infinite alarm triggered routine and siren didn't fire

So after hours and hours of playing with this, it looks like I ran into several issue concurrently. Some reported in other threads over Christmas:

  1. Multiple SHM scripts on dashboard - How to remove Multiple Smart Home Monitor from Dashboard or Solutions - Need support to clean this up based on comments there.
  2. Notification gone bonkers - Home monitor doing intrusion after disarmed - Notification (hourly messaging relating to a sensor active) stopped when I deleted the offending motion sensor. But, had deleted all room and modes as well. Interesting that home would not delete…
  3. I can no longer attach devices to rooms. They (the devices) simply do not shop up as available to include. I am going to assume that this is related to some of whatever is going on.

Routines appear to be functioning again and completely avoiding SHM per celblazers advice and will try SmartAlarm, user lock manager and smoke alarm instead. I do have my motions back functioning finally! These need to work or the system is useless to me.

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