How to remove Multiple Smart Home Monitor from Dashboard or Solutions

Excellent, works like a charm! Thank you.

Thanks for the tip egreiff! Worked for me. Hopefully they add this capability to the app.

Awesome!!! Thanks for the tips

I can login to my account via Locations/Installed SmartApps/List SmartApps and Edit the list of smartapps, but none of the multiple Smart Home Monitor listings under “Solutions” show a delete button/icon to remove them. Only items listed under “Other” have an uninstall button/icon.

Made same mistake of adding a SmartApp for each device instead of adding devices to one App. Confusing & Frustrating!

Why do these Monitors show up in Dashboard instead of MyHome/SmartApps anyway? Sumiited support ticket today. Good forum - thanks.

I just did the same. I was setting up two new door sensors and I caught myself (slowly you learn these types of things break SmartThings), so I cancelled the suggested setup of SHM (figuring it would be better to set that up separately). So now I have an “unconfigured” extra instance of SHM. Sent off a ticket…

Great bit of info on this link egreiff!!! Just clicked on duplicate SHM on left side of graph and up pops the detailed sheet with red delete at bottom!! Thank you!

Looks like both @egreiff and @Hapster have had success with finding the delete button/icon which is great! I still cannot find where it is within the account web portal account graph or the Android App for that matter. What OS are you guys using anyway?

Via Windows and Chrome this is where it brings me to under the Locations header -

When I link on the Installed SmartApps it then brings me to where the multiple Smart Home monitors are listed under the header “Solutions”. After hitting the Edit button at top of page it then shows the following page with Uninstall buttons, but only for the Apps listed under the “Other” header -

Second page with a lot of white space - sorry. I can get to the following detailed sheet for each Monitor, but there is not a delete function anywhere -

What am I missing here?? There is only suppose to be one Smart Home Monitor for most all uses correct?

At this point I am wishing the missing delete button/icon is an obvious oversight and it’s such an easy fix that I end up looking like a big dummy. Not the first time!

Any help is appreciated - keep up the good work and thanks!!

Hi Techno,

Don’t know if you found the red delete button, but you are so close!

On the graph page with the listed SHM and the like, with all the white
space to the right, just go all the way to the left and mouse click on the
SHM you know is a duplicate. It will bring you to the details page of that
SHM which is basically a blank with no no data and unconfigured. At that
point the delete button will be in the lower left corner of the page.

I use the ST link that was in one of the blogs. I believe it was “graph
api”…ST… and was using my iPad. Hope I was able to help. I’m no
techie, but am willing to learn.


Sorry Techno here is link


Thanks for the reply Hapster.

The link is the same “graph” account login that I have it seems, but it may show and work differently on different OS since you were on an iPad and I am on Android and Windows. Maybe someone else can elaborate?

If you look at the last picture within my prior reply, I attached a copy of the detail page that I get, but no cigar! Crazy!

How many of the Smart Home Monitors did you have total anyway and how many did you remove? I presume at least two if you were able to remove the unconfigured one. We are suppose to have just one - yes?

Support did reply and was able to remove my unconfigured Smart Home Monitor, but failed to give details on what to do with the other four remaining. May have to uninstall all devices and start over.

Appreciate the time and input. Will update accordingly.

Hey Techno

Yes, I may have left out having to hit the edit button first, which was in the right upper portion of the page. Then it may have brought me to the page that you showed, and that’s when I clicked on each individual SHM which then brought me to the page where I was able to see the delete button at the bottom left corner. I have to apologize, because it might’ve been vice versa. I tried so many different things before he actually got it, and it’s confusing to remember exactly the steps I took.

I got rid of one duplicate leaks smart home monitor, and at least nine extra smart home monitors that were unconfigured! They are gone!!! Keep trying because it can be done!

Yes, from what I gathered you should only have one monitor for each automated task which may have numerous devices associated to it.

I currently have five leak monitors and one Yale keyless deadbolt. The deadbolt may need some more nodes to help make it more reliable. It also did not lock on it’s schedule SHM app, which when unlocked is supposed to lock automatically at my designated time. Not too impressed with that function. So far the leak monitors have been flawless, but they are only monitors and have work exactly as expected when I tested them with water on my finger. I got my text message indicating leak was detected almost instantaneously!

I am getting a little frustrated with Support because They have not gotten back to me since 1/7 and I have been keeping them updated on those things that I have figured out on my own. I may have to get their attention on the ST community blog and let them know how frustrated I am. Still trying to get my wife’s phone to show up as a presence sensor even though she’s listed as an active user with her own email and log on password able to use the system and monitor it.

Hope this helps ya,

Had the same problem and sent it to support and within 30 minutes they removed the second one.

Thanks to @Hapster for the reply and to @uzaho1 for the input.

Yup - I get that the edit button is the only way to get to SHM and then the the detail page, but my problem is that the detail page has no delete button/icon anywhere no matter how I try. The only thing I have not tried is another CPU which is why I was asking for others to chime in on OS setups. Tried Android and IE instead of Chrome but no go.

So you are thinking that there is one monitor for each “task” instead of one monitor for all tasks/functions then? I was thinking there would be only on monitor in hat would control all functions and devices. Otherwise one would end up with multiple monitors in Dashboard once again - no? How many monitors do you now have?

One difference in our setups is that my four remaining monitors all have so sort of configuration with events posted. I had just the one unconfigured monitor originally, but do not recall if I checked the detail page on it or not. Each of my configured ones have different events instead of combining them at my 1st install attempt. This may be why I cannot delete them to begin with. Maybe only unconfigured monitors can be deleted?

In terms of ST Tech Support don’t get to upset yet. My original inquiry was on the 8th and they removed the one unconfigured monitor yesterday. They did apologize for the delay as they are really backed up from the holiday purchases. Support said to let them know if I still had more than One monitor which would indicate that One is all we are suppose to have, but I have already replied to ask how my partially configured monitors should be handled.

I am running the Home Kit along with three other leak devices and plan on adding some dimmers and receptacles soon. If I knew what the intended setup for the Smart Home monitors was to start with this would be a non-issue. The system overall has been great otherwise with no other problems to mention.

Maybe we will get it dialed in soon - will advise if I learn anything. Take it easy!

Ok Techno,

From the detail page, after you have tapped edit button, physically mouse or finger click on the words at the very left of each unconfigured row. So you would finger click the words smart home monitor at the very left side of that row. This is what brought me to the final details page with red delete button. Hope we got it for ya here!!!

And yes it’s just semantics at this point as far as “leaks” smart home monitor in my case is managing/monitoring 6 detectors in my home. Curious, do you know if they are repeaters nodes or just endpoint nodes? I understand that the smartthings motion sensors are more like endpoint nodes and not repeaters unless they are hooked to power.

Another example, 1 SHM “safety security” would monitor anything from motion detectors to locks to smokes, I guess? So yes one monitor can handle numerous devices and tasks?

Understand about support. Just want to find out about why my wife is an active user but doesn’t show as a device (her phone) on things list. Doing something wrong or missing a step somewhere on this.

Good luck, hope we got it for ya!


Hey Techno,

Don’t know if support helped you or not, but I just wanted to let you know I think I found the key for you if you have created subsequent duplicate SHM apps again by adding devices? Believe it or not was unable to get back to where I needed to delete 2 more of my own unconfigured SHM! I couldn’t believe it!!! I was in the same boat as you not being able to find the delete button… And after I had successfully done it before!

After about 20 or 30 minutes I stumbled on this link which brings you right to the direct page where you need to mouse clicking on the left “healthy” prompt word of the duplicate SHM at the far left edge of the page for any duplicate SHM apps.

I believe I was already logged in which allowed me to see my installed smart apps list page when I stumbled on this link? As I said I could not find how to get back to this page in the IDE but somehow stumbled on this link which open the page which allows you to click on the word healthy at far left of the duplicates. You should then see the Dd delete button at bottom left. Was able to get rid of my new two duplicates this way.

Sorry I’m not more technical, but I figured you would probably end up having duplicates again and need to delete them again! Hopefully this enables you to delete duplicates now and you do not have to request support to delete them for you ever again.



So to get to the page I just did this. Logged in using below link. Could not get to delete button no matter what I did just like you. (Don’t know what I did differently) Went into ST community in new tab, found this link in our thread and clicked the link! Bam, I was looking at all my SHM apps including duplicates! When you see the prompt “Healthy” at far left on any SHM without complete detail info it’s a duplicate and can be deleted by clicking healthy which brings you to next page with delete button!

Here is exact link I opened in new tab via thread.

Sorry for the confusion but hope this helps!


I have 3 SHM right now, can’t delete…

Pretty buggy user experience for something that is being sold as a consumer product. This is so annoying.

Hello Hapster and fellow Multiple Smart Home Monitors:

Sorry for not getting back with you, but had to take a vacation. Man was it needed. Escpecially after dealing with this issue.

Looks like you nailed it Hapster with the revised link as I also heard back from support and they provided the same link. Apparently the added /installedapp/list tag is vital in order to get to the actual graph that allows you to delete. Nice work!

This explains why I could never see it to begin with because if you use only the normal login http:\address of you will not see the API graph page referenced. So - be sure to add the tag end of the address.

Here is the reply from support that may also help our fellow ST brothers and sisters:

"Dominic (SmartThings)
Jan 27, 12:28 PM

Hey Ed,

I hope you’re enjoying your trip! Just wanted to let you know I’ve located a way for you to manually delete the extra Smart Home Monitor on your end. To delete Smart Home Monitor go online from a computer and do the following:

Go to and log in using your SmartThings email address and password.
Scroll down and locate the offending Smart Home Monitor. You’ll want to check the ‘Installed Smart App Children’ to make sure you’re deleting the extra one and not the one you use.
Click on the link under the ‘Health’ category (usually says ‘Healthy’)
Scroll down to the bottom and hit ‘Delete’.
That should remove the offending Smart Home Monitor from your app. If you deleted all the Smart Home Monitors from your account it’s alright. You can bring it back by going to Marketplacemarketplace, select SmartApps, then select SmartThings Recommends. From there you can select Smart Home Monitor - Security and set it back up.

If you would like assistance deleting or re-adding Smart Home Monitor on my end just let me know and I’ll be happy to assist.

If you’re still having trouble with your Smart Home Monitor or need help with anything else just let us know!

Dominic R.
Support Engineer"

Working great for me with only a single Smart Home Monitor. Still retained all presets just be careful with what you delete. Nice to win one for the gipper.

I asked support to post a reiteration for everybody’s sake as this is something that should have been noted in the setup guide at least. Not sure if they will or even if they monitor these threads so we shall see. I will say that Dominic did his job and didn’t forget me. Then again, neither did Hapster!

Keep up the good work gang and happy SmartThinging to all… Techno (Ed) Out.

I had 3 monitors. Deleted one and they all dissapeared… sigh…
I don’t see a way to add a new one back…
Now what.?