How to re-add deleted ST multipurpose sensor (contact)

So I deleted a ST multipurpose Sensor (contact) from my v2 hub. I tried to reset the sensor and re-add it, but that doesnt seem to be working. Do I have to delete my location from the app to reset the hub v2 back to the start and add a new location and then re-add all the sensors?

Follow this

Thanks, but I already tried that and it didnt work.

Good news! So after today firmware update I was able to re-pair both the motion sensor that was deleted and the original motion sensor that came with the start kit that became stuck in motion yesterday. While the deleted motion sensor re-paired after resetting, like others have said the original motion sensor that was stuck in motion took some repeated attempting to re-pair, but in the end it was re-paired despite not showing that it connected.

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