Re-pair ST sensor (motion) after battery change

What is the process for re-pairing sensors, especially the motion sensor after changing batteries? I wind up having to delete it from all apps and this time I can’t re-pair it.

I’ve never had to re-pair after changing batteries. Something sounds messed up with your setup if that’s the case.


I had this happen with one Aeon Multisensor. I have six of them and it only happened with one and even that one I’ve replaced the batteries since with no problem. It could be I didn’t have the latest firmware because I do recall Aeon has updated firmware.

You may have to exclude it before you can include it again.

I was able to finally re-pair it by allowing the device to be searched for instead of selecting the exact sensor. I never seem to be able to re-pair any sensor after changing batteries. Does anyone know of the proper process for replacing batteries and have ST connect automatically? I really hoped that ST would be more reliable but for now, this seems more like a fun toy to play with instead of what I had hoped for. I am having issues with almost every sensor; thermostat doesn’t respond when changing temps up/down unless I go back and refresh the app. only 3 wemo outlets will turn on automatically even though i have 4 to turn on at sunset; TCP bulbs are very unreliable.