How to prevent a device from pairing with SmartThings

I am testing another hub and I would like to prevent a Sengled light from connecting. When I delete the device it is removed, then I reset the device (in this case by 5 on/off sequence) … then the light automatically rejoins! Is there a way to prevent this?

Most likely you will have to take the smartthings hub off power for the few minutes it takes to reset the bulb.

Alternatively, you will have to in some way make the signal from the new hub significantly stronger than the one from the ST hub. Bringing the bulb very close to the other hub at the time of pairing might do it, but then it’s going to have the wrong parents going forward.

Really, the easiest thing is just to take the ST hub off power if that’s an option.


Thanks JD … I did that but was hoping for a more elegant solution. The problem is that as soon as I reconnect the ST hub, the pairing completes again. So I would need to have the ST hub remain off until I can successfully have it paired with the other hub (an OpenHab hub BTW) … In the old app I had to initiate the pairing process, it seems they automated that :frowning:

I don’t think it’s the change in apps, I think it’s the fact that it previously belonged to that hub. :thinking:


If the bulb is zigbee.
Tried You to set the smartthings hub in safe Mode?

Thanks Mariona - Yes it is Zigbee … I have not tried that but I’d rather not have to mess with the ST hub as I have a lot of debugging to do on the OH hub and dont want to have my ST out of commission (as I understand this it may also prevent other unrelate devices from rejoining due to power save) … but I appreciate the suggestion!

Yes that makes sense.

Don’t believe it, hahaha, it works perfectly when activated. I only deactivate it when I want to reinstall a device and I never have offline devices and the house has 3 floors :wink:

Ok! Sold I’ll try it :slight_smile:

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The first rule of home automation will apply: “the model number matters.“ Some devices are not able to re-join in secure mode so they will end up going off-line and staying off line after a check in, but it just depends on the individual brand/model. You will find some discussion of this in the forum…


Well … no success with that method (I use the IDE) and it reported that it “Setting sent to hub” but it never changed.

So still no able to get the device to join the other hub (which certainly may be due to the other hub) … but I’m wondering that since I have shutdown the ST Hub and the neighbor information still exists in the other Zigbee devices, it is not fully removed from the ST network.

Wish there was something more definitive regarding device removal :: sigh ::

I have tried doing it from the IDE and safe mode is not disabled. It doesn’t work, I don’t know why.
You have that disabled from the app entering the hub, it is an instant. Then if you manage to pair it to the other hub, you return it to non-secure mode, if you like that more.

I cannot disable safe mode neither from the app or from the IDE. is always on.
I don’t know if it has to do with the latest zigbee update to 5.2.1.
When it was in the previous version it could be deactivated and activated
Please, could you see how your hub is in the app?

the reset of the hub from IDE does not work either. Something is wrong with smartthings

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I could not find any way to disable safe mode from the app (the new app sucks) … I also think its absurd that a device removed is automatically re-paired, that seems broken too.

I opened a support ticket in
UK support take several days to answer, I copied to support USA, which is faster, but they tend to ignore it when they see that it is a European account.

This is the text send in support ticket:
The safe mode of the hub v3 is always activated and cannot be deactivated either from the app or from the IDE.
The reset of the Hub from IDE does not work either.
I have made a reset of the Hub removing power and it remains the same.
This was working fine, may it have to do with the recent update of the zigbee hub to 5.2.1
[SmartThings Support] Support request #1186714: Hub V3 secure mode always activated open

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Will do. Thank you Mariano!

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I think that if you delete the device from the app and you have in settings activated in the app “ask to add devices” and you also have the safe mode is activated, it should not pair auto if you do not click to search nearby

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In English, the term is “secure mode.” I am not sure support will understand what “safe mode“ means in this context.

You might want to update your support request and include the following link:

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The toggle in the app never changes and if you click “Retrieve Current Setting” that does not switch between enabled and disabled as you click on “Disable Unsecure Rejoin (Most Secure)” and “Allow Unsecure Rejoin (Most Compatible)”? I tested in the IDE and iOS app just now and have no issues enabling or disabling in either location.