Why is my ST hub always listening?

So I am trying to move my last standing zigbee bulb from ST to Hue and ST just won’t let it go. If I remove the bulb, reset it and then try to add it to hue hub, the bulb pops back in ST before Hue can see it. I guess I can unplug the ST hub and run the discovery on the Hue.

In the past I was able to move GE Links bulbs between the two hubs with no problems, which leads me to believe that something has changed in how the ST hub operates?!?

Wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Zigbee changes they made mean it’ll try to snatch up devices it knows about as soon as possible in case they disconnect unexpectedly? In which case, the only solution would be to delete the device from ST (bit drastic) or unplug it like you say…

Just a guess really :confused:

Have you tried resetting the bulb before removing it from ST?

you probably just need to Disable Unsecure Rejoin.

https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ > My Hubs > View Utilities


You gotten several good suggestions, but another alternative is just unplug the Hub and take it off power ( including removing batteries if it has them) , then move the bulb over to the new coordinator. Leave the hub off power for 15 minutes, then plug it back in and the remaining devices will rebuild their neighbor tables.

That would actually be the “best practices” recommendation because since most bulbs can act as repeaters, it’s a good idea to heal the zigbee network after removing repeating devices anyway. Otherwise you might have devices remaining on the SmartThings network that were trying to use the bulb as a parent after it was no longer available.

Yeah, I was planning on unplugging the hub anyway after moving the bulb, just because it will leave a whole in the zigbee mesh :slight_smile: But wanted to point out the change. I think @sidjohn1 is right, it could be from the implementation of the “insecure rejoin”. That makes the most sense…

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Not convinced by the insecure rejoin stuff, since from what I can tell, that has been present from the start as it’s a zigbee HA thing all the firmware update did was allow you to disable insecure rejoin.

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What do you mean by “it knows”? I had removed the device first, and when it popped back, it popped with the generic name of “OSRAM BULB”

I must have misread, didn’t realise you had removed it. Did it add it back in as if you hadn’t removed it? Or as a new device?

As a new device. Was just about to call Hue support, because I started discovery on the Hue hub, the bulb blinked 3 times but it never showed up. Then I looked in ST and noticed a new device was added…

In which case yeah it’s like the hub is constantly in discovery mode.

Understood, but there were multiple zigbee updates in March and April at around the same time as the insecure rejoin disable was added, so I do think it’s possible that multiple things have changed that would affect GE Links.

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Yep, can’t argue with that :smiley:

@JDRoberts this is an Osram bulb, but here is an interesting detail:

So it sounds like this applies to ZHA but not ZLL? AI believe, Osram can handle both, right?

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This happened to me last week while trying to move my GE Link bulbs to the Phillips bridge. It was driving nut because I didn’t know ST Hub was stealing it. 3 flashes but not added to the hue app. I did it 5 times and was about to give up until I opened up the ST app. Strangely, the second bulb was added fine.

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