Your Dashboard Ideas are Needed!

We would like to hear your thoughts about the Dashboard experience in your SmartThings mobile app!

Tell us how we can improve it for you! This is your chance to have your voice heard and to do a little show and tell!

Here’s how you can help!

Answer the following questions and send your responses via email to

  • Tell us what your favorite smart home related dashboards are.

  • Take screenshots of the dashboards you find most helpful and tell us why they are helpful.

  • Feel free to use the tablet and smart phone templates below to create your ideal Dashboard. Then……

  • Tell us the reasons why you have designed your dashboard the way you did.

  • What is the dashboard accomplishing for you?

  • What specific pain points are you trying to avoid or solve for?

  • How would this new dashboard help you in your daily life?

  • Why are the specific items you included important to you?

  • What types of functionality are most important to you?

  • What types of information are most important to you?

Don’t forget to attach any photos and screenshots to the email along with your responses!

Thanks in advance! We greatly appreciate your feedback!


How about you just release the HTML stuff shown at SDC and available on YouTube and we will create our own dashboards?


There’s dashboards in the mobile app? What dashboards are we talking about here…


Rolled my own dashboard. It uses a SmartApp to feed data to Firebase which serves as the central clearinghouse for data. The dashboard also includes power data from Curb which is also sent through Firebase by a separate process. My goal was to create something that told me everything I needed to know at a quick glance. I need to add more information to fully pull that off, but it works well so far.


Have a look at SmartTiles and Simple device viewer. Reading that 2 posts on this forum should give you an overview of what users want.

  1. I recommend that you take a page out of SmartTiles play book!
  2. Create a landscape mode for ST APP! (It can’t be that hard? Can it?)

I second the landscape mode, Been looking for that for a while now.


Dashboard has no appeal to me when other things are broke, slow, and unusable.


Dark Mode.
Something like what Smart Tiles has. It’s blinding to open ST in a dark room. Dark gray/black background with dark orange, dark blue, dark red or any dark color option for the text font and items such as bulbs etc. Another example is by BlueMail. It has dark mode on/off. the dark mode still has white text but it’s a lot easier to look at in a dark room than blinding white even with the brightness turned down.


BlueMail dark mode off:

BlueMail dark mode ON:


I think SmartTiles has already done the work for you SmartThings! Check with the developer, I’m sure he can relay all of the user request to your team.


Why is there even a question on this. I think you have answered own question. Make a dashboard the user can decide what is in it. What is important to me is not important to everyone else.


Oh and if we are on the discussion of mobile app. Why don’t we make our android home screen the dashboard. Setup a way for widgets to be created that link directly to devices in the app. Then instead of having to go into the app I can just turn on my phone and hit the living room lights widget.

Why because I am lazy and going into the app then going to My Home then to Things is about the same as me getting up and just switching on the light at the wall. Way too time consuming.

Home screen widgets… way more important than a dashboard.

There that is my rant for the day.


My two minimum requirements:

One) landscape presentation. My tablet is in a fixed frame on my wheelchair. Only having portrait presentation is very annoying. The same would be true for many people who have a tablet mounted on the wall.

Two) Voice navigation compliance. This isn’t difficult as long as you plan for it. Navigation needs to work with voiceover or an equivalent text to speech navigation.

The Tecla folks have a navigation device that works with both android and Apple phones and they are happy to give advice to companies on how to make their apps more accessible.

The national Federation of the blind can also recommend resources.

As of 2016 Samsung has promised this as a design feature for all their products, so they may have their own resources as well.


That goes double for me @SmartThings_CX_Team. Come one. Even Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app has voice control enabled. Granted no Landscape mode but at least it is a start.

Great point, but we’re actually talking about two different things.

“Voice control” of the application lets you say something and have it happen. Hey Google, Siri, Alexa, etc.

“Voice navigation” of the application let’s the application speak the choices that are available, and you then tap anywhere to select the one most recently spoken. Voiceover is the Apple version of this, but there are others. This is what allows a person who is blind to navigate the choices in an app.


How about starting by bringing back the Doors & Windows, Lights & Switches, Locks, and other items back to the app dashboard. Good god, I find it hard to understand why SmartThings can be so backward on this. Better yet, allow us app developers to add widgets to the dashboard because I’m more than happy to write my own.

I just do not understand this decision. The Iris app is light years ahead of the ST app, a fact that is not only inescapable, but inexcusable.


I couldn’t have said it any better.

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Forget adding a dashboard to the app, concentrate on a dashboard that can be used from other devices, like a web dash (such as smart tiles) so u can make a screen on my wall or embedded into a mirror… Maybe chrome cast support…


I really like SmartTiles as a dashboard, especially the mode and routines tiles.But it does not have everything I am looking for.
I have too many devices to show them all in a singe dashboard that is easy to read. I would like a dashboard where I can group devices (e.g. rooms) and that will show me status for this group. (e.g. if a device in the group is turned on or a door is opened, the group will indicate this in the dashboard). I would also like to be able to turn all devices in the group off or on at the same time from the dashboard. If needed I would like to be able drill down a level and “open” the group to see details. Smartthings used to have a similar functionality before the launch of v2 hub. Homekit and Alexa both have this functionality and I have found that I use it quite a lot (e.g. “Turn off the 1st Floor” turns off all devices on the 1st floor,). I know that there are ways around this with Smartthings (e.g. virtual switches, CoRE…) but they are not straight forward…


@SmartThings_CX_Team How about something like this from March 2014… :slight_smile:

Seriously, bring back the features it used to have. All I have on mine currently is Doors&Locks and SHM. :frowning:

I like the overview, click on a row to expand and see some details of what is on/active and when it changed. I find it frustrating to have to go into several screens deep to find this info, especially since I have to wait sometimes 5-10 seconds for each screen to refresh.

Also add all or some of these to complete the quick glance overview of all the categories of devices:
-at top of Dashboard, show row with picture of house and mode (currently this is hidden in the menu slide-out for some reason, seems like seeing the mode should be on dashboard)
-combine SHM Security with this (or right below it) to show armed status and add a button to quickly let me arm/disarm (again, going into / waiting for SHM screen to refresh is frustrating)
-pull the other SHM rows up to a dashboard row (Leaks=OK, Smoke=OK)… either combine SHM with dashboard, or dashboard with SHM, just not seperate :slight_smile:
-add row: environment with thermostat status and indoor temp sensors
-add row: weather - with condition, temp, humidity etc (maybe even quick forecast for later today and tomorrow)
-add row: camera feed - sometimes its nice just to see that everything is okay
-add row: energy - to show home energy meter status

For layout on the phone, I think the current (and older style pictured) are pretty good… let us prioritize important items near the top and quickly scroll down to see the rest.

Tablet specific SmartThings apps would be great too, then just take these rows and make two columns of cards/boxes. Maybe just make this a webapp that works in browser too.

In summary, please make the Dashboard a quick overview of everything so we don’t have to go through multiple screens to get all this info. The MyHome/Rooms/Things are fine for interacting if necessary, but don’t force us to dive into them just to see overview/status.