How to make lights resume program after motion?

I am totally new to smartthings and slowly struggling to learn all this programming. I got things working pretty well but have one problem. I’m using Smart Lighting to turn my eave lights on at 50% intensity at sundown. Then when my Ring doorbell detects motion turn the front porch lights up to 100%. How do i get them to go back to 50% after the motion stops?

I created this WebCore piston but its my first one so not sure if its right

the lights are randomly turning on during the day

Hi there and welcome to ST. There are some issues with the piston causing it to act wonky, but we can fix you up with all of that pretty quick.

Hi Jill,
I made this up for you. It’s very simple but you can build off of it and learn about WC. It’s a good starting point and I believe it will do exactly what you are wanting it to do. I have not tested it.

Thanks. I added the new piston and deleted the old one. I am learning a lot working on this and really appreciate the support.

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So the lights are still turning on during the day when motion is detected. If select one of the offending bulbs and go to RECENTLY It says “Level is 100” and “switch is on” both with time stamp of 4:10. Not sure where this command is coming from

where are you located? What time does the hub say is sunset?

Time Zone America/Chicago
Sunrise 7:05 AM
Sunset 5:59 PM

seems to be working correctly now after dark. Just need it to stop during the day

Please post a screenshot of your newest piston.

here it is

Have you deleted all the Smart Lighting rules you created for this?

yes, I think so. I can’t find anything besides my webcore program that is controlling the lights

here is the events list. Where is this command coming from?

north front porch light level is 100

Name Value
archivable true
data { “microDeviceTile”: { “type”: “value”, “label”: “100 %”, “backgroundColor”: “#ffffff” } }
date 2019-02-24 9:26:18.495 AM CST (2019-02-24T15:26:18.495Z)
description north front porch light level is 100
deviceId 57481103-ed56-4c36-9d7d-9381b6dd499d
deviceTypeId ea21ba57-8406-40d0-ac01-c4e46b95dc1b
displayed true
eventSource DEVICE
hubId 8ed97e7c-3959-4a3c-a58c-0a52952c4eb0
id 882cd9b0-3848-11e9-9b57-9dbb21c665db
isStateChange true
isVirtualHub false
linkText north front porch light
locationId 1c9f73c1-ed64-4b3b-b897-9d8a2b45c348
name level
translatable true
unixTime 1551021978495
value 100
viewed false

The only issue with this piston is in the very last line. You need to put the wait 10 minutes before the set level.

This event list is going to tell us where the command is coming from. In the ST app, what does it say when you open the device and look at the recent activity?

like this?

yes, just like that.

when you open the device in the ST app and at the top tap on the SmartApps tab, what all is showing up in there for the device?

Here’s recent activity from the ST app. It is switching on anytime the doorbell detects motion. I have been manually turning it off.

Your piston isn’t turning the lights on. Check smart lighting for anything still there. What is showing in the smartapps tab of one of lights?