Turn on lights with motion, Turn off with no motion. However when turning off lights motion is detected

I have a camera in my garage I am using as a motion detector, which works pretty well. I want to be able to

Detect Motion - turn on garage lights
No motion 2 minutes - turn off garage lights
Wait a period of time say 30 seconds before triggering the next “detect motion” event.

I have tried a few things such as smart lighting smartapp, Routines etc and havent been able to get this to work. What occurs is lights go on, when they turn off after 2 minutes it is detected as motion and then turn on again. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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You could accomplish this using webCoRE.

You could have a Piston defined that when motion changes to active and lights are off, then turn the lights on, but if lights change to off and motion is active, wait 2 minutes and then do nothing. This will give enough time in between allowing the lights to remain off and the motion sensor to return to Inactive, so the next time motion changes to active, the lights come on again. Something to that effect.

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Here’s a webCore piston you can use, or customize.

Import it using the five digit code - use the option to restore a piston using back up code.

Hey Dana,

That’s a perfect for turning on the lights, but I think what the OP is saying is that when the lights turn off, that causes the motion sensor to go active again immediately, thus creating a never ending loop.

So there needs to be an advanced qualification so that when the lights change to off and motion becomes active, do not turn the lights back on.

If motion is inactive and lights have been off for at least 1 minute and the motion changes to active, then fire and turn the lights on. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had the same problem with my porch lights and camera. Here’s the webcore piston that I use that makes sure the light has been off for 2 minutes.


Thanks for the pistion’s and webcore idea. I got it to turn on the lights. Quick question does webcore cause other things such as the “when things cool down” feature to break in the default smartthing app?

Well looks like its all working now. Thanks!

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Exactly why I included “or customize” in my message. :slight_smile:

Also, AFAIK there aren’t many motion sensors (any?) that don’t have a two to three minute delay in sensing motion again after it has been sensed. I.e., Sense motion, wait three minutes, start looking for motion again.

I just wanted to say thanks to whomever suggested: “and switch has been for at least 2 mins”
This was the key to solving a very annoying problem. Thanks!