How to know which SmartTag is looking for your phone

When a SmartTag is pressed twice, your phone rings but the message on the phone does not specify which SmartTag is trying to find it. How can users find out which SmartTag was used? I have many SmartTags and sometimes get phantom rings from one of them trying to locate it, but have no way of knowing which one. If this is not possible, then it would be a really useful feature to have, the message that pops up on the phone could simply state the SmartTag’s name that initiated the request.

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It could also be a lot more professional and follow the design guidelines inflicted on us elsewhere. It looks like it was created by a very young child designing ‘my first web page’, except less appealing. It is as if the only consideration was that the phone was ‘lost’ and it needed to do something loud and bright and it really didn’t matter what. Wrong.

It needs to be thought about as if the phone hasn’t been lost, but the button is being deliberately or accidentally pushed while the phone is in use. So identifying the tag is the least it needs to do.

Hey there! @coman,

This would be considered a feature request for the notification to show the Galaxy Tag’s name.

Unfortunately at this time, the notification received lets you know that a Smart Tag is locating (1) device, the device that is ringing after the double pressed feature.

The Smart Tag’s “Let tag find your Device” feature only allows for ‘One’ selected device, and not multiples for example the same Galaxy Smart tag cannot locate a phone and a tablet if pressed twice, only the device that was selected to be found.

Do you have the multiple Smart Tags all set to find one device?

Although this may not be the answer for your use case that you are looking for, you do have the option to disable the “Let tag find your device” on the multiple ones to prevent phantom rings as you would know that it can only be located by the Smart Tag that the feature is enabled on and was double pressed.

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Yes it would be even better if we could customize that screen ourselves.

Thanks for the response.

I thought that might be the case, that it’s a new feature request, as there didn’t seem to be existing options for it. Will this feature request be passed on to development or management, or is there some other place we would need to make such requests?

Yes it can only locate one device at this time, this would also be a nice new feature if it could locate more than only 1 device.

Yes I do have multiple smart tags set to find one device.

Your suggestion would be a good way to troubleshoot that specific problem, but I think the real bigger issue here is the absence of this basic feature of simply showing the smart tag’s name. It’s important to have other tags set to locate your device too, as when your device needs to be found, you don’t know which tags will be available at the time to help you locate your device.