How to hard reset Philips Hue Lightstrip v4

I want to hard reset the Philips Hue Lightstrip v4. May I know how to do it? I don’t have the Philips bridge
I tried power cycle for 5 times but it does not work
Thank you

Since the OP doesn’t have a Hue bridge it seems likely that they do have an ST hub and are using the lightstrip directly with that. Not a practice recommended by either company, in part because of the difficulty of resetting, but technically possible.

So I would first ask if they are using it with ST. Although unfortunately that won’t necessarily help in this case. :disappointed_relieved:

The easiest way to reset it these days is to borrow a Hue dimmer switch from someone and use that to reset the lightstrip. That usually works, only takes a few minutes, and doesn’t require adding the dimmer to the ST account.

I agree that Hue support might be the best place to ask for help since there’s nothing ST-specific that can help.