Exchange Hub and reconnect Philips Hue issue


Background: I lived for some years in the US and got a Smartthings Hub v2 with some devices (like a Philips Hue Bloom). 2 Month ago I moved to Germany and took my Hub and the things which are working with 110V and 230V with me. When I got some Z-Wave outlets for 230V in Germany a figured out that Z-Wave devices from Europe are working on a different frequency. So I got a European Hub v2 from England.

No Migration possible, so I removed all Zigbee devices from my US hub and tried to connect them to the new European hub. The only devices which I am not able to get connect are my Philips Hue devices. I have a bloom and 2 light strips. With the “old” hub they were connected directly without a hue bridge and it worked without any problems. Just started “Connect New device” on the iPhone, plugged the hue in and done.

Any idea? Is there a way to reset the hue devices to factory default?


Unlike Osram, Philips Zigbee devices cannot be individually reset with a blink method. This is why SmartThings support recommends only connecting Phillips devices via a bridge. Otherwise you can get into exactly the situation you have, where the Phillips devices think they still belong to the old SmartThings hub and cannot be attached to a new coordinator.

In the US, you can solve this by buying an additional device, the Lutron remote. That can be used to reset the Hue bulbs. However, I don’t believe it’s available in Europe.

UK members have been able to do the same thing using one of two devices. There is a German-made device that works with a raspberry pi. and there are occasionally Phillips colour switches sold on eBay UK which also work.

The following thread by a UK member discusses all of these options. I would ask there if anyone has been able to use them with the strips and the bloom as well as the original bulbs.

So it is likely that you are going to have to buy an additional device in order to reset the coordinator information in the lights that you have. I think it can be done. But I don’t know if you want to spend the extra money.