How to reset Hue Strip. No Hue Bridge

I have some Hue Strips connected directly to my ST hub. No Hue Bridge.
I want to factory reset them so that they are available for association with a new hub.

If I order a Hue Bridge from Amazon, will the Hue Bridge let me reset them even though they are associated with the ST hub. I can then send the bridge back.
Sorry for the stupid question but having never had a Hue Bridge I have no idea of the capabilities of the Bridge.

:joy: Replied to you on the other forum

First question: go into the IDE and find out what zigbee channel your smartthings hub is using.

Zigbee channel 20.

Then it’s easy. :sunglasses:

You can use a Hue bridge or a Hue dimmer switch to reset the strip.

Thanks for the info.
Will see what I can purchase /borrow /steal. :wink:

Find someone to lend you the dimmer switch. You’ll only need it for a few minutes and it’s a lot easier for them to lend you that than a bridge. :sunglasses:


In earlier posts I was asking about resetting Hue strips.
I was able to reset them using the old round Hue remote. Then I couldn’t pair them again to my ST hub. Real bummer.
I purchased a Hue Bridge with the idea of resetting the strips and then re-connecting them direct to the ST hub.
The bridge just would not find them.
I had to manually input the 6 digit code (on the bottom of the unit before the strip) and they connected OK.
Then deleted them from the bridge to hopefully reconnect to ST hub. Wouldn’t find them.
Had to reconnect them to the Bridge and then discover them in ST. Looks like I am going to have to keep the Bridge.