Factory Reset Hue LED Strip Lights?

Does anyone know how to reset the Philips Hue Strip Lights? I bought then when I first started. I see them in ST but not in the Hue app but i need to control the color from the Hue App. Plus is says Unreachable on the ST so I want to do a factory reset. Thanks.

Are you using the Hue Bridge with your Hue Lights?

Was this Light Strip configured through Hue before?

Or did you just manually add this into ST by itself?

Pretty sure I paired to Hue Bridge first, as I always do… But… I bought this strip when I first installed everything so in the leaning process, I am honestly not 100% sure. I wish ALL products had a push pin reset.

Unfortunately Hue doesn’t work the same, not without resetting the bridge.

Here’s a couple fo things things to do first.



If you can’t find it or it doesn’t pair back up. Try that Hue Lamp Finder. I have never had to resort to that, so I can’t help you there.

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I found a simple way to reset a Hue SMART+ Flexible LED Light Strip (listed in their hard-copy manual in the box):

To reset product to manufacturer default setting, power cycle the accessory 5 times. Accessories will flash 4 times when reset is successful.

It worked for me on first try!

I know this is old, but I’m putting this here so other people don’t get confused.

The Smart+ brand is from Sylvania, not Hue. The Sylvania devices can be reset as you described. But that does not work for Hue devices, which cannot be reset by power cycling alone.

First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“ :wink:


Hi! Did you solve the problem? I got a strip Hue light. At first it worked well but after a supression of light it stoped working so I need to reset the strip and I would like to know if you know how?

Any luck with this? I have a ST Hub and am in the need of resetting my Philips light strip. Thanks!

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If you have a Hue dimmer switch, you can reset a Philips Hue Lightstrip by holding down the on+off buttons on the dimmer switch nearby the lightstrip.

Philips Hue support pointed this to me on Twitter:

If you don’t have a Hue dimmer switch, maybe borrow one from someone =P or complain to Hue support until they send you one :wink:

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