How To Get An Amazon Echo In The UK Properly

All, these are the instructions I followed to get my Echo in the UK and the subsequent Dot that I bought. These were put up by user Norsk77 and all crfedit to him.

September 30, 2015 at 7:59 pm
It is really important that people are aware that there is hundreds and indeed thousands of Echo devices being sold on different sites – including Ebay,Craiglist, Gumtree etc that are ” Lost in transit’ devices. I’ve been stung and I know of numerous postings on Amazon Echo Forums – UK and US – who have as well.

Basically the Echo is boxed, brand new and never opened – all the security tapes are sealed shut and you think your on to a winner however Since all Echo’s have come from Amazon they also register all ‘lost’ devices – basically a customer says it’s never been delivered and then another is sent and they sell on the lost device – the ‘lost’ device is registered and black listed on Amazon using the barcode on the bottom on the black box- basically it turns into a rather expensive paper weight – ( USA Echo tech guy said this to me and said that they are being inundated with people saying it won’t register or connect to Wifi correctly – not just from the UK but from Canada to Australia ).

I have noticed that sellers on Ebay in the USA and some in the UK are saying you can send it back UNOPENED however it is then too later as you’ve had to plug it in to find it cannot be registered. Then you might get the ‘well its not meant for the UK market’ and your banging your head against the wall trying to figure out how to get her working and you simply won’t.

I paid NO customs or VAT on Echo. It is of note that if you buy from Ebay from the states you will most probably have to pay VAT/ Customs

Simple to get a 100% genuine – unopened – registered Echo to YOUR account on Amazon.

(a) (USA) – register using your UK address – if it won’t let you do this simply go to B
(b) Search (USA) for Echo – click BUY
© When you get to shipping details -error message – not available in the UK – so
Keeping page open :

(d) I used – sign up fee $10 -register and create your US shipping address
(e) Return to Amazon and ADD the US address including the USA phone number.
(f) Then it allows you to complete transaction.
(g) No need to sign up for Amazon Prime – linked to your UK a/c – but WONT offer free shipping to your USA address.
(h) Ship out to Florida Warehouse
(i) Track it – 2 days max ( they accept delivery’s on Sat/Sun -all hours)
(j) You will get an email saying that a parcel has arrived in your ‘box’ – pictures were sent to me to confirm the item ($2) had been received and there she was in a BLUE OUTER BOX – NOT A PLAIN BLACK SLEEVE.
(k) follow the simple instruction to ship out to your UK address
(l) click on the option to re-package and add protection and then click on ‘ for personal use only’ – this then turns your Amazon box plain😉 cough, cough lol – add insurance for $4
(m) I used DHL world Express option – average price and highly reliable.
(n) Track to the UK which took 2 days to be delivered.

It is always a good start when you click on your site and it shows that you have a registered Echo to your A/C and will even show you your shopping lists.

When you get it – simply log into the DESK TOP App using your email address for your the email you used to buy and the set up is a breeze as it knows you bought it – *indeed when you purchase the item it will send you an email showing you a download link for your Android phone (APK FILE) and Desk Top no need to go to any on line store – this Android link can then be used to put the app on your UK phone however there is no ISO link ;-(.

If your email is the same as your and you have amazon Prime in the UK – simply ask Alexa to play Amazon Prime and she registers your device to your Prime membership in the UK without doing anything.

Hope this helps someone from loosing a couple of hundred quid and help them obtaining a FULLY working device.

The whole purchase – shipping – cost me just shy of £200. – cheaper than Ebay – Go for it – you won’t know how cool these are until you get one which WORKS FULLY.