Amazon Echo - Pre Order for UK

(Dean Smith) #1

If you want an Echo in the UK the time is now! Pre-orders are up.

Plus for the next 2 days Prime Members will get £50 off at checkout!

My only question now is, can I switch my US Echo (running in the UK) over to the UK servers.

( #2

From the other thread

(Dean Smith) #3

Thanks - I did look but couldn’t see anything.


Ordered mine plus a couple of Dots. The Alexa UK site ( isn’t up yet but I’m guessing it will be in the next week or so. The .com site wont let you use a UL post code, I tried.

Really exited about this… :smiley:

(Alexander Dreyer Johnsen) #5

Too bad I can’t order with delivery to Norway :frowning:

(Joakim Olerius) #6

U could use or other parcel forwarding service. That’s how i ordered my Echo to Sweden :slight_smile:

(EinarS) #7

Nothing is impossible :wink: got both a echo and and a dot here i Norway. Alexa even know the route to the closest MC Donald.

(Dean Smith) #8

I really need to know how you managed to get your location working!?! :slight_smile:


I imported my Echo from USA a few months ago, so pre-ordered 3 x echo dot so we can have one in each bedroom. I personally (and in my house anyway) feel having things like alexa takes the smart home to the next level. Looking forward to having the DOTS in the bedrooms.

(EinarS) #10

This link,228.msg1081.html#msg1081 and lots of spare time :wink:
Had to chose a place close to me, did not support norwegian letters.

(Dean Smith) #11

The Alexa site is now allowing the addresses to be put in the normal way! It works!!! :smiley:

(EinarS) #12

Even outside US, UK, and DE?

(Dean Smith) #13

Not sure about DE, but defiantly the UK it is now allowing.

However it’s still linked to my US Amazon account so cant take advantage of my UK prime membership at the moment.

(EinarS) #14

It’s a negative, does not support Norway.
Just checked.

(Dean Smith) #15

Ahh that sucks! I’d give them until middle of next year and they should have it about. It’s taken them 2 years just to get the UK!.