Echo is coming to the UK! Woo!

Story on Engadet saying as early as Setpember 14th!


Makes sense since the Dash buttons have come out too (got 4 myself for messing about with)


I wonder if Denmark will be able to make use of the Echo if bought in the UK. I bought my ST stuff in the UK and everything works flawlessly.

@Allan_Skipper as long as you speak English the Echo works anywhere in the world. I have one in the UK and one in Spain. Both work perfectly well with a few limitations obviously. However, for smart home use they work probably as well as they would in the US.

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OK thanks. What limitations do you currently know of?

Edit: You can change the time and location as per Bennetm3 instructions below!! :grinning:

The time cannot be set to anything other than US postcodes so for the UK its set to an island in the pacific to mimic UK time but 12hours out…

Location based results don’t work - well except my commute traffic - it knows my home and work addresses and gives me traffic for the journey to work.

Most of the “skills” are US-centric.

But as said, smart home functionality works pretty much the same worldwide. SmartThings, IFTTT, Hue etc

I hope I can turn my US into a UK echo once the software/firmware lands here in the UK


Not true - With a simple bit of editing you can set it for the correct UK time.

I’ve tried editing it before but it fails to change location or time. But that was in May so I’ll have another look unless you have the answer?

This is how I did it and it’s worked fine for me over the last 6 months.,228.0.html


Thank you! I take it all back - You can change the time and location. Alexa has just told me the correct time, weather and most importantly where the local Chinese take away is.

Bennetm3, I could hug you!

Glad you got it sorted.

Think i’ll just wait for Google Home reviews and see which is best

So this isn’t confirmed as a release though is it? They just sent out an invite without telling what the event is for and the speculation is that its a UK launch of the echo. Lets hope they release them all at the same time (inc. the dot etc).

14th could be an expensive day! :smiley:

I just assumed you guys had it over there by now.

AFAIK nobody has it anywhere officially outside the states right now.

Just US has it at the moment, however the September 14th is looking more and more likely.

If you have an Echo already try asking it about whats happening on September the 14th and it responds that it’s always wanted to take a trip to London (or something like that).

The dash buttons was just released, this happened just before the Echo release in the US too.


Tried it on mine and it doesn’t saying anything is planned for the 14th !
Not sure if the video is real or not.

I’ll ask her at lunch.

Mine says " I promised I wouldn’t tell. But maybe I should start packing just in case I get an invitation"

I assume Amazon is releasing Echo in the UK now to beat Google Home’s release which is happening later in the year.

Hopefully we will know exactly when on Oct 4th. I guess they both want to be out ready for Christmas - I know I want a Home - providing they work well with SmartThings