[Guide] How to order Amazon Dot in the UK (without an Echo)

Hello all!

In light of the new Amazon Echo Dot being announced today (that you can only order in the US, via Alexa) I thought I’d throw together a quick post showing how you can in fact order one to the UK, without an Echo device.

  1. Set up an account at MyUS.com or a similar site (US post forwarding service) to get a US address that Amazon will ship the package to, since they won’t send to a UK address.

  2. Set your Amazon mobile app to United States and search for Amazon Echo Dot. In the search results, swipe to the left and hit ‘Add to cart’

Edit: Someone on SlickDeals has suggested you can actually do this via web with the Buyers Choice link: Click Here

  1. Checkout using your MyUS address as the delivery address.

  2. Pay using regular details in GBP.

  3. Wait anxiously for a month for your Echo Dot to arrive!

Hope it helps someone.


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Amazon Tap is it not?

Sorry, didn’t realise there as a dot too!

Thanks Marty. Dot ordered so fingers crossed!

Hi. Tried it. Didn’t work. You need a linked (US) Prime membership. ;o(

Hmm that’s odd - I have a standard UK Prime account and it went through fine? Which method did you try? @Tristan seems to have managed it too.

Mine went through really easy as per the instructions Matty shared. Mine too is a standard UK Prime account. Just opened the app on my iPhone, switched to the US store, searched for Amazon Echo Dot, swiped left and added to cart.

Perhaps I’m being a bit thick…

I can’t find how to search on the app, so I told Alexa to order amazon echo dot. ‘She’ put it in my shopping list, which allowed me to search, but there was no obvious ‘add to cart’ button.

When you open the app the first thing under the Amazon logo is a search bar haha?

Ok… so I am thick! I was looking in the Alexa app.

When I go to the Amazon app and change to US, it no longer recognizes my Amazon prime account, so won’t find the echo or dot in the search.

Looks like they might have blocked this sneaky way of placing an order for the Echo Dot! When I try the same thing now, I just get “See Details” when I swipe left.

Think I have found out what is wrong. According to http://www.cnet.com/uk/how-to/how-to-buy-amazon-echo-dot-amazon-tap/ swiping on the search results doesn’t work for android devices.

Curiously the swipe didn’t work on my iPad but did work on my iPhone, and the other SlickDeals method worked on a non Prime account

Possibly when the ship date arrives those ordered that don’t meet the requirements may get cancelled.

A U.S. Amazon account
A U.S. shipping address (50 United States and the District of Columbia only)
An annual Amazon Prime membership or 30-day Amazon Prime free trial
A payment method issued by a U.S. bank with a U.S. billing address in your 1-Click settings
A device with access to the Alexa Voice Service (such as Amazon Echo)

The good people at Androidpolice.com have found a method for Android - a variation on Marty’s method:

I have just ordered a dot. Like the others here, I wait with fingers crossed.

Cheers Marty!

Anyone received theirs yet? Does this method still work? I really want a few!

Yes … it worked.

I ordered one on my UK Amazon (Prime) account and two on a new US Amazon (non Prime) account. Amazon immediately noticed that the accounts were for the same person, possibly by the shared cc number, and cancelled one of my orders on the US account. You can only order 2 Dots max. Anyway I got my two in the end, one on my US account and one on my UK account.

Thanks for the reply, how did you order one through a uk account?

How are you finding it with ST up to now? I really wanted an echo and when i found out about this i’m desperate to get 1 or 2 of them.

I followed the steps in the first post and my penultimate one - which worked for me. I did notice an update to the Amazon app has since been released… Possibly that now prevents the swipe workaround.

My Dots have only just arrived here yesterday but I use Echo a lot - love it - it works well and it’s also fun, sentiments not often expressed in this community currently. I am not sure if an Echo is a prerequisite for Dot to work as I already had one ( it is supposed to be required to order ). I use Echo with other HA systems beside ST too.

Catching up a bit… The Echo is not a prerequisite for the Dot