Amazon Echo UK Users

Any clues for getting the Amazon Echo to work with Smartthings ?

I can then use that to control my Harmony, rather than the ha-bridge (which does work well btw)

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works directly but is limited to single actions not multiple programs. so Harmony is just there via the ST hub, But it will not do anything much with Harmony. Lights and things work well with Alexa/Echo. Garage openers do not even appear which is a good thing…
You must enable each item for Echo inside the ST hub before trying to use Echo. Echo will probably recognize new items on its own, but it is more sure using Discover my devices command

Doesn’t work for UK users - says ‘Client is not associated with a Smartapp in location…’

I think the OATH (sic) problem is sorted but getting Echo to work could be a challenge - unless someone has a workaround ?

Yay… With Echo’s new update you can finally use Alexa to control your lights and thermostat via IFTTT using whatever phrase you like.

Working flawlessly for me so far

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did you purchase via ebay?

I purchased from - had it shipped to a US address, and then shipped over to me in the UK - easy to do with

Comes pre-registered and linked to your Amazon (US) account.

Cost about £190 with all the VAT and other costs

You can’t really use for music, but you can set the timezone to UK/London and everything else is fine.

Links to Hue for the bulbs, and does actually work very quickly with IFTTT

Just want to native link to Smartthings…

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Has anyone tried to link their SmartThings hub to a US based Account?

The SmartThings mobile App requests your location (US, UK, Ireland) when you create your Account, correct? If someone, with a UK Hub V2, is willing to disconnect their Hub V2, create a brand new account selecting “US” as their location … see what happens?

Tried that a few months back. The US servers don’t recognise the UK hub’s unique reference ID. Probably a config / set-up issue on the US server side. Echo isn’t a UK supported device, so I can’t see that position changing anytime soon.

Just thought I’d ask my 2 pence here - Is it worth the hassle for me being UK based to order a Echo and have it shipped over?

Can I really get it to work with my “things” (Hue, ST, Harmony, OSRAM, MiLights, Samsung Multiroom Speakers) and so on?

If I can use it for these then great! Bring it on, I’ll order one over, however if not yet then I’ll hold out a bit longer?

Echo currently works only via IFTTT. If the other platforms you wish to control have IFTTT compatibility, you shouldn’t have a problem. It works great with my setup of smartthings, nest and harmony.

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I tried it the other way around - a US hub in the UK, and I had to claim it as a US device as the welcome code wouldn’t work if I selected UK in the app.

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Yah… the fact is in order to create a SmartThings Account, you need a Hub … you can actually delete/detach the Hub after the Account is created.

But the Hub firmware must come with the API path somewhat hard-coded and that needs to match the Account’s initialized region.

This is one of the cases where “hub hackers” would enjoy themselves; an actual practical use case; though once it became widespread, the change would be reversed with a firmware update.

Just an update for Echo users who’ve imported their devices from the US (like me!)
I contacted Amazon support and was told that the UK version of and the Android Play Store App should go live on the same day as Echo release (28th Sept) from we OUGHT to be able to reconfigure our bootleg Echos to work on the UK system and benefit from the full services rather than tricking our Echos into thinking they are located somewhere in the Pacific timezones.

Let’s hope it is that simple !

Good news. I contacted Netatmo today regarding their integration of the Echo and the Netatmo Thermostat.

They said they would be releasing a Skill in the next 10 days, so hopefully it will be live for the 28th.
Note - This is direct Echo to Netatmo integration so doesn’t go though ST.

I currently control my Netatmo thought ST and IFTTT, but look forward to the full integration.

I set my location the other day to my home address in the UK, lookups seem to respond well such as now when I ask when Costco is open it tells me my one round the corner not one in middle America

That’s interesting. I’ll give it a try. Have you had any luck getting the UK version of the Alexa app yet?

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There will also I gather be a UK ST skill, to avoid that embarrassing ‘authenticating against the wrong incarnation of graph’ issue that IFTTTT and Harmony had.

No joy with getting a UK version of the app yet for me. I’m hopeful that there will be a seamless move over to the UK services for those of us currently using Echo - although Im prepared to say it may need a factory reset and configure again.

An interesting fact is that the one I ordered off Ebay arrived after I had already pre-ordered one from Amazon UK.

When I set up the one that I got from ebay, it configured its own name as my “2nd Echo”. This leads me to believe that behind the scenes, Amazon are already setting up items for Echos to connect to and work with the UK services as soon as they arrive. This is why I’m hoping that the one currently set up may just shift over to UK services and servers on the day of release.

We will all get to find out in 6 days.

I wonder of she will take on a British accent too? Obviously they have had to program her with a german voice for that market, so perhaps there will be changes to the UK ones?

Will she finally add “Tomatoes” to my shopping list instead of “Tomaytoes” ??

I can confirm she does have a new ‘British’ voice!

Check out the awful advert -

Yuck. Does she say “Sodder” instead of “Solder” and “Aluminum” instead of “Aluminium” too? that would tip me over the edge!

Eugh, those Americans!