How to exclude the CT101 thermostat from smartthings

I have a CT101 that I used with smartthings. It is communicating properly. I replaced it with a Ecobee and wanted to exclude the CT101 properly so I can possibly sell it. I haven’t been able to find the instructions anywhere. Smartthings just says follow manufacturers instructions but what are those? Do I have to put the CT101 in exclude mode. Anyone have the instructions.

Assuming it’s similar to the CT100 it’s super easy. (Just did this for a few of them during a hub migration.)

Hit menu button.
Then the mate button.
Then put hub in general exclusion.
Then hit mate again. It should start blinking and then be excluded.

You can Google that thermostat and fine it’s manual on the web.

Thank you that worked. I thought all z wave devices have to be removed from the device. The manual says you can remove from Iris directly, must be wrong.