CT-101-L Thermostat


I’m looking for help on the CT-101-L (similar to CT-100 with different coloring). I had this unit linked to an Iris system until I got the V2 hub. Now I can’t get the CT-101-L to link to Smartthings. I have tried the general link page and the CT-100 link page. I even did a factory reset on the thermostat and tried to relink. Nothing works. I tried live chat which is not currently working and sent an email, but in the meantime I’m having to manually change my thermostat like some sort of barbarian.

Any help welcome.

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Try manually excluding the device before connecting it. This is different than a factory reset.


  1. Set your primary controller to EXCLUDE mode, to remove the thermostat as a node on your
    network (see your specific controller’s User Manual for detailed instructions.)
  2. Press and release the MENU button on the thermostat.
  3. Press the MATE button - This will bring you to the network screen and a large r1 will be displayed.
  4. Press the MATE button, this will initiate the mating process. When a device been removed from a
    network the word LINK below the radio tower will disappear.
    Your controller will indicate the thermostat was successfully removed from its network (see your
    specific controller’s User Manual for details).


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That worked. Thanks!

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…slight variation on the above: I am transitioning from Iris to SmartThings, but don’t want to completely burn my bridges behind me just yet. Is there a way to avoid trashing my Iris setup until I can get things up-and-running in SmartThings? I hate to be without HVAC scheduling and security monitoring for however many days it takes to figure all this stuff out, download code, get it running…

Do it one device at a time. It’s fairly stable (I hope I didn’t speak too soon here given the upcoming infrastructure upgrade). In general I’ve been okay for the past year. Some of us have a few hundred devices connected between the various technologies.

My best advise would be start with one or two and the slowly add on. Start with once AC control run for a day or so and then add more and if things are good for a week then migrate the rest.

Thanks. I guess there’s no way to save the configuration in a file somewhere. …probably not practical, seeing as how you have to “remove” or “reset” each hardware device so you can “connect” it to ST. Otherwise, it won’t “pair” in the new ST system.

So your advice to do it one-at-a-time is good. I thought that I had to go through Iris, removing everything there, but as it turns out, you can remove/reset/pair each one as you go, using the surprisingly well-written notes on the SmartThings Community website. I spent the weekend installing all the devices in my “Home Monitoring Kit” and then switching my Iris CT-101 thermostats over, using your RBoy SmartApps and Device Handlers.

The only place where I ran aground was in trying to switch over Iris’s gen 1 door contact sensors- - they are incompatible. …so I used the new ones in my ST kit, and they went in without problems. The RBoy material is pretty deep (to continue the swimming analogy), but is very instructive to wade through and seems to work well. That’s a lot of material to ingest at one time, but as they say, “sink or swim.” Fortunately we’re only talking ten or so pieces of hardware.

Thanks for the great advice, and keep up the good work.

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Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I went through this struggle myself last night. I was able to overcome the issue with some great information that I found on Google and on threads in this community. I consolidated what I learned in the following post:

Can’t Get Your CT101 Iris Smart Thermostat To Pair With SmartThings?

If you’re experiencing the same issue, I hope that the information at that link will help you. Thanks and please let me know how it goes!