How to Create an Automation that Works?

A few years ago I made two automations. One turned the lights on at a specific time if I was Away. The other turned the lights off at a specific time when I was Away. These automations no longer work. I have tried deleting them and recreating them but they do not work. The SmartThings app seems to know my location mode through the phone. And the lights work.

Basically, how do you make Automations work these days?


Mind posting a screenshot of the automations that are failing? Also, are you using presence through the new app? Since you said you created them years ago, I imagine that was in the classic app and the two have different presence.

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Also, are you using the Away condition as a Precondition? Because that may have stopped working for you with the latest app update. In that case, you would need to go and reset the Precondition. Note that if you go back into the app after setting it to Precondition again, it may show as off but will still work (at least it does for me).

Here are two screenshots:

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This forum does not permit me to send and image. :unamused:

I am not sure what the presence is. I am using Location of a phone to detect trigger location mode. So Away is the last condition. But I tried other positions. If I look at the history log on my ipad it includes entires for the phone as “occupancy: Away” and “occupancy: Inside”. But if I look at the ‘same’ log on my phone these listings are not present. The other listings appear to be present on both devices. If I go to then it lists the phone leaving the house and arriving back. I have also noticed that the Smarthings app frequently crashes on my Samsung phone but I don’t get the crashes on the Ipad.

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Without being able to see the automation, I wanted to ensure a couple of things were set.

In your Smartthings App Settings do you have “Get your location from this phone” enabled?

This will allow you to use this phone to determine your location for automation and to show other members whether you’re at home.

In the Automations Menu are you using “Location Mode” as a Pre-condition that has to be checked prior to any other conditions or “Member Location” being set to away/at the location as your ‘If’ condition?

Based on your Selected Method, Using Automations gives you the below abilites based on your case usage:

A. At scheduled time, you can set your ‘If’ condition as “Based on time of day”.
B. If you want it to change when you come and go, you can set it “based on a member’s location” and then choose when any/all selected members arrive/leave from the location.
C. If you want it to only change when a certain Location mode has changed, you can select “based on this location’s mode"

Note: Member’s location is not displayed. Location mode can be found in the (…) Three Dot Menu>Manage Location>Location Mode to determine what mode your current location is set to.

I hope this message finds you well!


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I have changed the setting to members location and me and it now works. The automation location setting used to say Away. Now it says My Name Away. In both cases location was set to the same device and that seemed to be recognised by SmartThings as its position was logged. Anyway the location mode only seems to work with members.

So its fixed now! Thanks