How to connect Xiaomi Honeywell smoke detector to SmartThings Hub

Last step, choose the “right” smartthings app.

Go to the the app store (Google or Apple) and choose the one without the dots inside (middle one in my picture, the left one is the app you use, that doesn’t work with most of the non-SmartThings devices).

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Here a look on several things in my SmartThings Classic app

Ohhhh my goodness i finally manage to pair with the classic app
Thank you so muchhhhhh

You are the men🤙

Now you can add more and more devices from Xiaomi and others Things with the corresponding DTH.

Sorry but what is the DTH ? Is it the Device handler? im newbe😂

How is your smoke detector displayed in the Classic app? Like my picture in msg #16 ?



    September 26

How is your smoke detector displayed in the Classic app? Like my picture in msg #16 ?

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    September 26

Sorry but what is the DTH ? Is it the Device handler? im newbe😂

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This is how it looks like in classic app.

You have to use the Classic app with all your non-SmartThings devices!

The first picture you show is with the wrong app.

I see
Now that i paired the detector and added new device handler from the code whats is next step? how i know the device handler added correct way.

Your picture from your classic app shows Living Room Smoke…

There is shown a smoke detector in the icon, looks correct.

Next step is to start a fire :fire: / smoke to test the detector. Some paper tissues in a metal dustbin gives a smoke you hardly see, but should trigger the smoke detector.

In the Classic app, there is a Dashboard with the Home page. On the bottom is Home Solutions with Smart Home Monitor (SHM).

Press on * Everything OK >

Now you see Status from Smoke and Leaks detector(s).

At least Smoke should show OK with green dot.

I am unable to get this to pair.
Using Classic app and did all the steps Add Device, Add battery, press button. Been trying for 30 minutes.
Nothing. God I hate smartthings.

It is kind of tricky to add them. I added 5 of them ut could not understand exactly how it works. Try 3-4 short presses of the button and then wait for it to come to SmartThings. Also a long hold of the button until 2-3 beeps are heard maybe did something as well.

Does anyone know if it is possible to sync more multiple smoke detectors to eachother? If 1 goes, then all the others should go aswell.

good morning I purchased a smartthings v2 UK hub to connect Xiaomi Honeywell smoke detector, because my xiaomi mijia hub in the EU version could not reveal it, I tried to follow your advice, but I cannot use Xiaomi Honeywell, the device the smartthings app classic reveals the Xiaomi Honeywell device as generic, but it is impossible to modify it or communicate with it. I registered on github and tried to load the script but I don’t think I succeeded. how can i make Xiaomi Honeywell work with smartthings v2 UK version? Thanks.

This works absolutely awesomely !! Being home for the past several months (lost track !) I decided to integrate all of the smart devices into a single management app, the Xiaomi Honeywell works as detailed in your post, I was wondering is there is a smart app that will allow the devices to send alerts to Alexa? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have V3 hub, and fire alarm is mu first not smarthing sensor.
Guys, i have done every thing which is mentioned here, but im still unable to connect it. Any suggestions?

Now I managed to connect it, but it shows only “THING” with please wait status. Tried to re-add still same.
@benerkens Maybe you have some suggestions?

I don’t have a clue for a V3 hub. I use it with a V2 and the DTH that’s available.

Anyone else?

I am on V2 and really had no issues pairing them. Might have retried 1-2 times but I have 5 of them paired.