Help getting Halo+ to connect to ST Hub

Evening, all.

I just purchased a Halo+ smoke and CO detector. I’m having trouble getting SmartThings to add the device.

I originally set it up in the Halo app before I read that I can only use it in either SmartThings or Halo, but not both. I reset the device per the article,

When the Halo enters setup mode, I choose Add a thing in the SmartThings app. The detector says, “connected” and then “setup complete” but the app never discovers a device. I’ve reset and retried a few times.

Any steps I should take?

If the Halo+ device says connected when searching for new devices, it should show up as a new device in your Phone App. I’d check IDE to see if it is listed there. Make sure the Halo app is not also searching for the device. If not this sounds more like a problem you may need to discuss with SmartThings support. Halo support is usually very helpful as well but this sounds like something on SmartThings side with your account.

After saying that some other suggestions I would include: the Halo app is the only place you can currently get firmware updates. Perhaps there is something in the new firmware. You’ll need to add the smoke detector to the Halo app, then call Halo support for them to push out an update (otherwise you may need to wait a while).

As you read, the Halo can only operate one 2.4GHz device at a time, either WiFi or ZigBee so you’ll need to reset it after it connects by holding the button in until it starts talking.

Edit: One other thing. If a device exists already in your SmartThings account with the ZigBee ID of the Halo (as it was added before) when adding again will not show as a new device. Instead it will just reconnect to the existing one.

Great suggestions. Thank you for the reply. I don’t see the Halo in the app or the IDE. It’s one of the strangest things I’ve seen happen. I’ll reconnect it to the Halo app and see if I can get an update. I’ve also sent an email off to ST support.

@robert_solimine - did you get this resolved?

I did. It turned out that my hub may have been too far from the device. When I brought the hub into the same room as the smoke detector, it paired without an issue. Since the first device, I bought two more and found the same thing. If the hub isn’t in the same room, it will announce “Setup complete” and never show up in the ST app. When I bring the hub within a few feet, it connects without a hitch.

Since I use mostly ZWave, I just installed a few Zigbee switches around the house to get some repeaters in the area. I’m hoping this improves the overall communication.