Xiaomi Hub Connection to SmartThings


Has anyone had any experience connecting any of the hubs (specifically the hubs) to smartthings. I remember hearing some people say they had a good experience using them as sirens (which appear difficult to come by in the UK) as well as other things. I also want to get some smoke detectors to use with the hub.

There seems to be a million different Xiaomi hubs. It’s not clear to me if the homekit version is compatible with smartthings.

I can’t seem to find any experiences connecting the hubs to smartthings, maybe I’m wrong.


Did you find how connecting the xiaomi hub? i already paired the sensors included using customs DTH but not luck with pairing or getting work the hub with ST

There are three ways to do it, and all of them are not good for average user

  • Cloud to Cloud operation. As it works with Tuya , but Xiaomi doesn’t care of adding the devices to ST catalog
  • Using Raspberry PI as the middleware, there are/were posts on the forum. But it requires another device and know how
  • Using new Edge platform, but the drivers and libraries has to be implemented

it doesn’t worth the time investment to connect the hub itself. While you can still add the sensors and devices directly to ST